Kings of Ulster

The Kings of Ulster were of the Ulaid, and up till about A.D. 450, ruled as over-kings of the ancient "cóiced" (portion, fifth) of Ulster. Ptolemy's map (compiled about A.D. 150 from many earlier sources) shows them as the Voluntii. In their prime they seem to have being direct rulers of what are now County Monaghan, County Armagh, County Down, County Antrim and much of County Louth. The centre of the province was held by the Airgialla, a loose confederation of tribes of the Cruithin raceFact|date=September 2007, who were vassals of the Ulaid, and later the Uí Néill. Ptolemy's map lists two tribes further west, the Vennikinii in County Donegal and the Erpitianni along lower and upper Lough Erne; both were probably subject to Ulaid rule.

However, in circa A.D. 325 the Ulaid capital of Emain Macha was attacked and destroyed by the three Collas, who came from Connacht. From that point onwards the Ulaid were slowly reduced to being mere kings of their homelands east of the upper and lower Bann, which was Ulaid proper. Yet as late as 1080, King of Ulaid Aed Meranach Ua hEochada attempted to revive the fifth complete with Ulaid over-kingship. Because of such perseverance, the title Rí Ulaid/King of Ulster was never held by any of Niall's descendants but they assumed it from 1364 (see Kings of Tir Eogain). With the Norman conquest of Ireland, the Earldom of Ulster was created in 1205.

Legendary kings

* Eber Donn
* Cimbáeth
* Macha Mong Ruad
* Fergus mac Léti
* Congal Cláiringnech
* Ross Ruad
* Eochaid Sálbuide
* Fergus mac Róich
* Conchobar mac Nessa
* Cúscraid mac Conchobar
* Fíatach Finn
* Éllim mac Conrach
* Mal mac Rochride
* Tipraiti Tireach
* Áengus Goibnenn mac Fergus Gallen mheic Tibraide Tirech
* Fergus Dubdétach
* Aengus Finn mac Fergus Dubdétach
* Lugaid Lorc mac Áengus Finn
* Dub mac Fomor mheic Airgetmar
* Fiachu Araide mac Áengus Goibnenn mheic Fergus Gallen
* Fedlimid mac Cas mheic Fiachu Araide
* Imchad mac Fedlimid
* Ros mac Imchad
* Cronn Badruí mac Eochaid mheic Lugaid mac Ros mac Imchad
* Fergus Foga mac Fraechar Foirtriun
* Cáelbad mac Cronn Badruí

Historic Kings

* Forga mac Dallán mheic Dubthach mac Mianach mac of Lugaid Lorc d. 465?
* Muiredach Muinderg mac Forga mac Dallan 465-489
* Eochaid mac Muiredaig Muinderg 489-509
* Cairell mac Muiredaig Muinderg 509-532
* Eochaid mac Condlai mac Caolbad 532-553
* Fergnae mac Oengusso Ibdaig 553-557
* Demmán mac Cairill 557-572
* Báetán mac Cairill 572-581
* Áed Dub mac Suibni (died 588)
* Fiachnae mac Báetáin (Fiachnae Lurgan) 588-626
* Fiachnae mac Demmáin 626-627
* Congal Cáech (Congal mac Sgánnail) 627-637
* Dúnchad mac Fiachnai (died circa 644)
* Máel Cobo mac Fiachnai (d. 647)
* Blathmac mac Máele Cobo (d. 670)
* Congal Cennfota mac Dúnchada (d. 674)
* Fergus mac Áedáin 674-692
* Bécc Bairrche mac Blathmaic 692-707
* Cú Chuarán mac Dúngail Eilni 707-708
* Áed Róin mac Bécce Bairrche 708-735
* Cathussach mac Ailello 735-749
* Bressal mac Áedo Róin 749-750
* Fiachnae mac Áedo Róin 750-789
* Tommaltach mac Indrechtaig 789-790
* Eochaid mac Fiachnai 790-810
* Cairell mac Fiachnai 810-819
* Máel Bressail mac Ailillo 819-825
* Muiredach mac Eochada 825-839
* Matudán mac Muiredaig 839-857
* Lethlobar mac Loingsig 857-873
* Cathalán mac Indrechtaig 857-871
* Ainbíth mac Áedo 873-882
* Eochocán mac Áedo 882-883
* Airemón mac Áedo 882-886
* Fiachnae mac Ainbítha 886-886
* Bécc mac Airemóin 886-893
* Muiredach mac Eochocáin 893-895
* Máel Mocheirge mac Indrechtaig 893-896
* Aitíth mac Laigni 896-898
* Cenn Etig mac Lethlobair 896-900
* Áed mac Eochocáin 898-919
* Dubgall mac Áeda 919-925
* Loingsech mac Cinn Etig 925-932
* Eochaid mac Conaill 932-937
* Matudán mac Áeda 937-950
* Ardgal mac Matudáin 950-970
* Niall mac Áeda 970-971
* Áed mac Loingsig 971-972
* Eochaid mac Ardgail 972-1004
* Gilla Comgaill mac Ardgail 1004-1005
* Máel Ruanaid mac Ardgail 1005-1007
* Matudán mac Domnaill 1007-1007
* Dub Tuinne ("In Torc") mac Eochada 1007-1007
* Domnall mac Duibh Thuinne 1007-1007
* Niall mac Duib Thuinne 1007-1016
* Muiredach mac Matudáin 1007-1008
* Niall mac Eochada 1016-1063
* Eochaid mac Néill meic Eochada ???? -1062
* Donnchad Ua Mathgamna 1063-1065
* Cú Ulad Ua Flaithrí 1065-1071
* Lochlainn Ua Máel Ruanaid 1071-1071
* Donn Sléibe mac Eochada 1071-1078
* Áed Meranach Ua hEochada 1078-1080
* Goll na Gorta Ua Mathgamna 1080-1081
* Donn Sléibe mac Eochada 1081-1091
* Donnchad mac Duinn Sléibe 1091-1095
* Eochaid mac Duinn Sléibe 1095-1099
* Donnchad mac Duinn Sléibe 1099-1099
* Eochaid mac Duinn Sléibe 1099-1108
* Donnchad mac Duinn Sléibe 1108-1113
* Áed mac Duinn Sléibe 1113-1127
* Eochaid Ua Mathgamna 1113-1127
* Ragnall Ua hEochada 1127-1131
* Cú Ulad mac Conchobair Chisenaig Mac Duinn Sléibe 1131-1157
* Áed mac Con Ulad Mac Duinn Sléibe 1157-1158
* Eochaid mac Con Ulad Mac Duinn Sléibe 1158-1166
* Magnus mac Con Ulad Mac Duinn Sléibe 1166-1171
* Donn Sléibe mac Con Ulad Mac Duinn Sléibe 1171-1172
* Ruaidrí mac Con Ulad Mac Duinn Sléibe 1172-1201

followed by Earls of Ulster and Kings of Tir Eogain

ee also

* Irish kings
* Kings of Ailech


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