A stovepipe can refer to:

* The chimney of a coal- or wood-burning stove.
* A tall top hat with a consistent width.
* A firearm malfunction in shooting in which the empty cartridge case jams vertically in the ejection port of the gun instead of being thrown clear, a condition usually caused by not holding the firearm correctly, or "limp-wristing".
* Rigid funding allocation to agencies or purposes, frequently referring to hoarding funding for one organization or division over another.
* A stovepipe system, the informal name given to a category of criticisms applied to assemblages of technology, sometimes also referred to as "stovepiping".
* In intelligence parlance, stovepiping is the inappropriate transmission of raw information to high-level intelligence consumers that could lead to misguided policies, as opposed to the process called vetting or the systematic procedure of sifting, disambiguating, analyzing and producing intelligence products suitable for policy consideration. Vetting is also referred to as analytic tradecraft.
* Adam R. "Stovepipe" Johnson, an American Civil War colonel who led a daring raid on Indiana in which a town surrendered after being threatened with a mock cannon Johnson had fashioned using two pieces of exhaust stovepipe.
* It is also a term occasionally used by storm chasers to describe the shape of a tornado.

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  • stovepipe — [stōv′pīp΄] n. 1. a metal pipe used to carry off smoke or fumes from a stove, as into a chimney flue ☆ 2. a man s tall silk hat: in full stovepipe hat …   English World dictionary

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  • stovepipe — /ˈstoʊvpaɪp/ (say stohvpuyp) noun 1. a pipe, as of sheet metal, serving as a stove chimney or to connect a stove with a chimney flue. 2. Colloquial → stovepipe hat. {stove1 + pipe1} …   Australian English dictionary

  • stovepipe — noun Date: 1699 1. pipe of large diameter usually of sheet steel used as a stove chimney or to connect a stove with a flue 2. silk hat …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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