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The "Ara Pacis Augustae" (Latin, "Altar of Augustan Peace"; commonly shortened to "Ara Pacis") is an altar to Peace, envisioned as a Roman goddess. It was commissioned by the Roman Senate on 4 July 13 BC to honor the triumphal return from Hispania and Gaul of the Roman emperor Augustus, ["On my return from Spain and Gaul in the consulship of Tiberius Nero and Publius Quintilius after successfully arranging affairs in those provinces, the senate resolved that an altar of the Augustan Peace should be consecrated next to the Campus Martius in honor of my return, and ordered that the magistrates and priests and Vestal Virgins should perform an annual sacrifice there....By new laws passed on my proposal I brought back into use many exemplary practices of our ancestors which were disappearing in our time, and in many ways I myself transmitted exemplary practices to posterity for their imitation." ("Acts of the Divine Augustus" 2.2; 8.5.] and was consecrated on 30 January 9 BC by the Senate to celebrate the peace established in the Empire after Augustus's victories.]

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