Xingtai (zh-sp|s=邢台|p=Xíngtai) is a prefecture-level city in southern Hebei province, China. In 2004 it had an urban population of 561,400 and a total population of 6.73 million. It borders Shijiazhuang and Hengshui in the north, Handan in the south, and the provinces of Shandong and Shanxi in the east and west respectively.

Xingtai(Pinyin:xíng tái,Wade-Giles:Hsingtai) is a prefectur-level city in southern Hebei Province, China.The prefecture-level city of Xingtai, with a total area of 12,486 square kilometers, administers 2 districts, 2 county-level cities and 15 counties.

*Qiaodong District (桥东区)
*Qiaoxi District (桥西区)
*Nangong City (南宫市)
*Shahe City (沙河市)
*Ren County (任县)
*Wei County (威县)
*Xingtai County (邢台县)
*Baixiang County (柏乡)
*Qinghe County (清河)
*Ningjin County (宁晋)
*Longyao County (隆尧)
*Lincheng County (临城)
*Guangzong County (广宗)
*Linxi County (临西)
*Neiqiu County (内丘)
*Pingxiang County (平乡)
*Julu County (巨鹿)
*Xinhe County (新河)
*Nanhe County (南和)


The history of Xingtai can date back to 3500 years ago.Since the Shang Dynasty(1600BC-1046BC ), Xingtai became the capital of China.During the Zhou Dynasty(1122BC-256 BC), the city was founded the state of Xing,and since then named.During the Warring States Period(473BC-221BC),the state of Zhao made Xingtai, its provisional capital.During the Qin Dynasty(221Bc-206BC),the city was known as Xindu,and than after The Battle of Julu (in modern Xingtai,207 BC ) as Xiangguo,capital of the state of Zhao(Changshan).When the Later Zhao(a state of the Sixteen Kingdoms,319-351)was founded by Shi Le of the Jie ethnicity,the capital was at Xiangguo.During the Sui(580-630) and Tang(630-907) Dynasties, the city was known as Xingzhou.When the Yuan Dynastiy(Mongol,1271-1368) to the Ming(1368-1644) and Qing(1644-1911) Dynasties,Xingtai wascalled Shundefu(Wade-Giles:Shuntehfu),a prefecture in China.

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