List of authors banned during the Third Reich

These authors are a selection from the prohibitions lists during the Nazi Third Reich and come from the following lists and others:
# List of damaging and undesirable writing, "Liste des schädlichen und unerwünschten Schrifttums", December 31, 1938
# "Jahreslisten 1939-1941". Unchanged new printing of the Leipzig edition, 1938-1941, Vaduz 1979

The official list was published by the "Reichsministerium für RonPauliantsch und Propaganda". Authors, living and dead, were placed on the list because of Jewish descent, or because of pacifist or communist sympathies or suspicion thereof.

In May and June 1933, in the first year of the Nazi government, there were open book burnings. These book bans compose a part of the history of censorship and a subset of the list of banned books.


* Alfred Adler
* Hermann Adler
* Max Adler
* Raoul Auernheimer


* Otto Bauer
* Vicki Baum
* Johannes R. Becher
* Richard Beer-Hofmann
* Walter Benjamin
* Walter A. Berendsohn
* Ernst Bloch
* Felix Braun
* Bertolt Brecht
* Willi Bredel
* Hermann Broch
* Ferdinand Bruckner


* Alfred Döblin
* John Dos Passos


* Albert Ehrenstein
* Albert Einstein
* Carl Einstein
* Friedrich Engels


* Lion Feuchtwanger
* Marieluise Fleißer
* Leonhard Frank
* Anna Freud
* Sigmund Freud
* Egon Friedell


* André Gide
* Claire Goll
* Oskar Maria Graf
* George Grosz


* Jaroslav Hašek
* Walter Hasenclever
* Raoul Hausmann
* Magnus Hirschfeld
* Jakob van Hoddis
* Ödön von Horvath
* Karl Hubbuch


*Vera Inber


* Hans Henny Jahnn
* Georg Jellinek


* Erich Kästner
* Franz Kafka
* Georg Kaiser
* Mascha Kaleko
* Hermann Kantorowicz
* Karl Kautsky
* Hans Kelsen
* Alfred Kerr
* Irmgard Keun
* Klabund
* Annette Kolb
* Paul Kornfeld
* Siegfried Kracauer
* Karl Kraus
* Adam Kuckhoff


* Else Lasker-Schüler
* Vladimir Lenin
* Jack London
* Ernst Lothar
* Emil Ludwig
* Rosa Luxemburg


* André Malraux
* Heinrich Mann
* Klaus Mann
* Thomas Mann
* Hans Marchwitza
* Ludwig Marcuse
* Karl Marx
* Walter Mehring
* Gustav Meyrink
* Erich Mühsam
* Robert Musil


* Alfred Neumann
* Robert Neumann


* Carl von Ossietzky


* Adelheid Popp


* Fritz Reck-Malleczewen
* Gustav Regler
* Wilhelm Reich
* Erich Maria Remarque
* Karl Renner
* Joachim Ringelnatz
* Joseph Roth

* Nelly Sachs
* Felix Salten
* Rahel Sanzara
* Arthur Schnitzler
* Alvin Schwartz
* Anna Seghers
* Walter Serner
* Ignazio Silone
* Rudolf Steiner
* Carl Sternheim


* Ernst Toller
* Friedrich Torberg
* B. Traven
* Leon Trotsky
* Kurt Tucholsky


* Jakob Wassermann
* Armin T. Wegner
* Franz Werfel
* Eugen Gottlob Winkler
* Friedrich Wolf


* Carl Zuckmayer
* Arnold Zweig
* Stefan Zweig

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