Central is an adjective usually referring to being in the centre.Central may also refer to:

Directions and generalised locations

* Central Africa, a region in the centre of Africa continent, also known as Middle Africa
* Central America, a region in the centre of America continent
* Central Asia, a region in the centre of Eurasian continent
* Central Australia, a region of the Australian continent
* Central Europe, a region of the European continent
* Central United States, a region of the United States of America
* Central Belt, an area in the centre of Scotland
* Central Region, a region of Scotland

pecific locations


* Central African Republic, a country in Africa

tates and provinces

* Blue Nile, Sudan or Central, a state in Sudan
* Central Province, Zambia
* Central Province, Sri Lanka
* Central Province (Solomon Islands)
* Central Province (Kenya)

Cities and districts

;United States
* Central, Alaska
* Central, California
* Central, Indiana
* Central, Louisiana
* Central Township, Merrick County, Nebraska
* Central, South Carolina
* Central, Tennessee
* Central, Utah

;Other nations
* Central District Municipality, a district in North West, South Africa
* Central, Hong Kong
* Central and Western District, Hong Kong
* Central, New South Wales, Australia

Train stations and lines

* Central (MTR), an MTR station in Hong Kong
* Central railway station, Sydney, Australia
* Central railway station, Brisbane, Australia
* Chennai Central, a railway station in India
* Glasgow Central, the main railway station is Glasgow.
* Central (CTA), stations on the Chicago Transit Authority's 'L' system
** Central (CTA Purple Line)
** Central (CTA Green Line)
* Central Line, on the London Underground
* Tsentralna (Dnipropetrovsk Metro) ("central"), a station on the Dnipropetrovsk Metro
* Hauptbahnhof (English: Central Train Station)


* Rosario Central, a football (soccer) club in Argentina
* Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero, a football (soccer) club in Argentina
* Central Sport Club, a football (soccer) club in Brazil
* Central United, a football (soccer) club in New Zealand


* Central (home improvement store), a home improvement store chain located in Nova Scotia, Canada
* Central Group, a department store company in Thailand
* Central Independent Television, the ITV company formed from ATV
* Central Trains, a former UK train operating company owned by National Express Group


* Central Time zone, in North America
* Central College, in Iowa, US
* Central High School (disambiguation), a common name for high schools
* Central People's Government, the communist government of the People's Republic of China
* Central School of Speech and Drama, London
* Central, a fictional angel in Jack (webcomic)
* The Central, a commercial and residential building in Singapore
* Central (Hypermarket), a retail chain of the Pantaloon Group
* MediaCorp TV12 Central, a TV channel in Singapore

ee also

* Central (subnational entity), a list of all subnational entities with Centre or Central as their name.

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