Joey may refer to:


* "Joey", a 1954 song by Betty Madigan
* "Joey", a 1990 song by Concrete Blonde
* "Joey", a song by Nick Drake. An outtake from the 1969 Five Leaves Left studio sessions. Released on Time of No Reply and Made to Love Magic.
* "Joey", a song by Bob Dylan from the 1976 album "Desire"
* "Joey", a song by Bon Jovi from their 2002 album "Bounce"

People with the given name Joey

* Joey Barton (born 1982), football (soccer) player
* Joey Benjamin (born 1961), English cricketer
* Joey Bishop (1918-2007), entertainer
* Joey Buttafuoco (born 1956), who was infamous for his affair with then minor Amy Fisher
* Joey Chestnut (born 1983), competitive eater
* Joey Cora (born 1965), baseball player
* Joey Deacon (1920-1981), author and television personality
* Joey Dunlop (1952-2000), motorcyclist
* Joey Fatone (born 1977), singer/actor
* Joey Galloway (born 1971), NFL wide receiver
* Joey Gathright (born 1981), baseball player
* Joseph Grimaldi (1778 -1837), performed as "Joey The Clown"
* Joey Jordison (born 1975), drummer of Slipknot, guitarist of Murderdolls
* Joey Kramer (born 1950) , drummer and percussionist for Aerosmith
* Joey Lawrence (born 1976), actor
* Joey McIntyre (born 1972), American actor and singer-songwriter, the youngest member of the group "New Kids on the Block"
* Joey Ramone (1951-2001), vocalist and songwriter for the Ramones
* Joey Smallwood (1900-1991), Premier of Newfoundland
* Joey Tempest (born 1963), vocalist and songwriter for Europe
* Joey Yung (born 1980), singer and actress
* Andrew "Joey" Johns (born 1974), Australian rugby footballerJoey McIntyre

Fictional people with the name Joey

* Joey Tribbiani, Friends character
* Joey Stivic, from the television sitcom "All in the Family"
* Joey Jeremiah, from the "Degrassi" series
* Joey Potter, from the television drama "Dawson's Creek"
* Joey Gladstone, from the sitcom "Full House"
* Joey Chilstone-Vaus, from the sitcom "Joey's Life"

Films and television

* Joey (film), a list of films with the name "Joey"
* Joey (TV series)


* Australia's National Under-17s Football (Soccer) Team, nicknamed, The "Joeys"

See also

* Joey (marsupial)

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