Littoral (disambiguation)

Littoral or Litoral can mean:__NOTOC__


*Littoral zone, an area near the coastline of a body of water

Current entities

*Littoral Department, a department of Benin
*Litoral Province (Bolivia), a province of Oruro Department, Bolivia
*Littoral Province (Cameroon), a province of Cameroon
*Litoral Province (Equatorial Guinea), a province of Equatorial Guinea
*Littoral (Quebec), the region of the mouth of the St. Lawrence River, including Sept-Îles.

Historical entities and informal regions

*Austrian Littoral (Küstenland), a crown land of Austria-Hungary
*Littoral Banovina, banovina of the former Kingdom of Yugoslavia
*Litoral region, another name for Mesopotamia, Argentina
*Slovenian Littoral, an informal province of Slovenia


*Littoral combat ship, a class of warship presently being considered by the US Navy
*Littoral (military), a type of military operation

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