The Game Gun is the only light gun released for the Panasonic / Goldstar 3DO video game console. It was released in 1994 by American Laser Games, makers of full motion video shooter games. The Game Gun is almost exactly the same as the Peacekeeper Revolver, except with a notable color difference. The peripheral came in two versions: one player and two-player. The only difference between the two is that the two-player version came with a y-connector, allowing two players with two light guns to play simultaneously. Without the y-connector, the second player would have to use a game controller.

The only light gun compatible games for the system were released by American Laser games and utilized the same full motion video approach.

upported Games

*"Corpse Killer"
*"Crime Patrol"
*"Demolition Man"
*"Drug Wars"
*"Fast Draw Show Down"
*"Gunslinger's Collection"
*"The Last Bounty Hunter"
*"Mad Dog McCree"
*"Mad Dog 2: The Lost Gold"
*"Shoot Out at Old Tucson II"
*"Space Pirates"
*"Who Shot Johnny Rock"

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