Spermatic Chord

Spermatic Chord is an experimental music collective from Hong Kong of undefinable musical genre.


Spermatic Chord's approach to music is ambiguous combining traditional and experimental forms, with a provocative mix of composition and improvisation. They are a collective of over a dozen accomplished musicians, many being multi-instrumentalists. They blend and contrast styles in compelling and sometimes shocking ways with deep understanding and mastery of the individual styles of music they play. Spermatic Chord's music is cerebral, vibrant, and daringly playful. Audiences often describe Spermatic Chord's sound is an abstract mixture of tech metal, math rock, grindcore, prog-rock, post-metal, free jazz, post rock, jazz fusion, bossa nova, Middle Eastern music, Klezmer, electronica, videogame music. Their live performances are usually unpredictable and absurd, often leaving the audience either in awe or in total confusion.

Spermatic Chord has released 3 albums, 1 split and has been on various compilations. The most comprehensive album being "Calculating Stupidity". All Spermatic Chord songs are named by numbers. The group is known for wild unpredictable improvisations on stage and often posts complete live bootleg recordings online for people to download.

Band History

The band was founded and lead by Adam since 2002. The main objectives of the band has always been to explore the experimental side of music, maintain a creative environment for all the members involved, and to expose Hong Kong audiences and musicians to less conventional approaches to music. The performing lineup of Spermatic Chord always varies, and depends on which of the members happen to available. Thus lineups often range from as little as 2 members up to as many as 12 members at a time.

Members of the band have also formed a Hong Kong based DIY record label "Brown Note Records", specialising in distributing DIY music of lesser known underground artists in Hong Kong.


C Collective

*Adam - Guitar, Banjo, Melodica, Electronics, Vocals
*Shum - Vocals, Clarinet, Maracas, Percussion, Ocarina
*James - Drums, Excessive Drums
*Bryan - Clarinet, Guitar, Ukelele, Vocals
*Tom - Trumpet, Vocals, Beatbox, Melodica, Drums
*Karin - Trombone

C Alumni

*Owen - Trumpet, Keyboards, Drummachine, Melodica, Cowbell, Vocals
*Eugene - Drums, Knee Slapping, Handclaps, Vocals
*Wilmer - Excessive Melodica, Percussion
*Pranjal - Drums, Percussion, Jar of Peanuts, Paint Tins
*Joe - Drums, Cowbell, Cabasa, Percussion, Valsalva Maneuvers
*Arthur - Vocals, Bass, Synth, Guitar, Beatbox, Cowbell
*Amin - Guitar, Recorder, Melodica, Vocals

Honorary SC Members

*Dante - Violin, Melodica, Piano
*Yan - Water Bottle
*Kat - Keyboards, Electronics
*Trigger - Chinese Flute
*Vivek - Beatbox, Drums
*Joel - Melodica, Trumpet
*KT - Flute, Soprano Trombone, Percussion, Beatbox
*Tegan - Clarinet, Percussion
*Mick - Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Beatbox

Past SC Members

*Nicole - Vocals
*James - Bass
*Marcus - Drums, Saxophone
*Tino - Bass, Didgeridoo



*"Your Band Sucks" (2004)
*"Calculating Stupidity" (2005)
*"Blue Screen of Death" EP (2005)


*"Death is an Ironic Scene" Split EP w/ "Boys in the Well" (2003)


*"For Change, People and Our City" "Touchmusic" Compilation (2005)
*"Cross the Unjust Line" "Sound Out Louder" Compilation (2006)

External links

* [http://chord.servebeer.com/index.html Spermatic Chord Official Website]
* [http://www.myspace.com/chord Spermatic Chord Myspace Page]
* [http://amp.channelv.com/chord Spermatic Chord ChannelV Page]

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