Sexually violent predator

Sexually violent predator

Some U.S. states have laws which give a special status for criminals designated as sexually violent predators (SVPs), which allows these offenders to be held in state run in-custody mental institutions after their sentence is complete if they are considered to be a risk to the public. The first sexually violent predator law in the U.S. was the Community Protection Act of 1990 passed in the state of Washington in 1990. As of 2005, 16 other U.S. states have passed similar laws.

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* sexual predator
* sex offender
* recidivismOn the use of the term "Sexually Violent Predator " (S.V.P.) to describe Civil Detainees. The term "S.V.P." has a meaning in many state's laws quite distinct from that of any reasonable person. As it is now defined, neither actual violence nor coercion is needed for a crime to meet the statutory definition of "sexually violent". The age of the victim, non-familial victims or past convictions may result in the label " S.V.P."

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* [ Washington State page on sexually violent predators]
* CAPT Outreach article: [ "Sexually violent predator law ruled constitutional"]

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