List of mountains on the Moon by height

The following is a list of mountains on the Moon, arranged by relative height in kilometres.

More than four kilometres

*Mons Huygens - 5.5 kmcite book | author=Fred W. Price | title=The Moon observer's handbook | publisher=Cambridge University Press | location=London | year=1988 | id= ISBN 0-521-33500-0] cite book | last=Moore | first=Patrick | title=On the Moon | publisher=Cassell & Co | location=London | year=2001 ]
*Mons Hadley - 4.5 km
*Mons Bradley - 4.3 km [Patrick Moore lists the height of Mons Bradley as 16,000'; Fred Price as 14,000']

3-4 kilometres

*Mons Penck - 4.0 km
*Mons Hadley Delta - 3.9 km [cite web | last = Shaffer | first = David | date = May 25, 2006 | url = | title = Apollo 15 Surface Journal: Landing at Hadley | publisher = NASA | accessdate = 2006-11-08 ]
*Mons Blanc - 3.8 km
*Mons Wolff - 3.8 km
*Mons Ampère - 3.3 km

2-3 kilometres

*Mons Pico - 2.4 km
*Mons Piton - 2.1 km
*Mons Vitruvius - 2.3 km

1-2 kilometres

*Mons La Hire - 1.5 km
*Mons Vinogradov - 1.4 km
*Mons Maraldi - 1.3 km

Less than one kilometre

*Mons Gruithuisen Gamma - 0.9 km
*Mons Rümker - 0.5 km


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* List of mountains on the Moon

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