Center on Animal Liberation Affairs

The Center on Animal Liberation Affairs (CALA) is a scholarly center established to advance the study and discourse of animal liberation principles and practices.

Founded by Steven Best, co-founder of the North American Animal Liberation Press Office and philosophy professor at the University of Texas at El Paso, and Anthony J. Nocella, a doctoral student at Syracuse University specializing in conflict resolution, the center comprises a board of academics, doctors, lawyers, researchers, and activists, aimed at the study and support of animal liberation. [ [ Center on Animal Liberation Affairs, "About" Section] ]

The center grew out of research that Best and Nocella engaged in while compiling "Terrorists of Freedom Fighters: Reflectings on Animal Liberation", published by Lantern Books in 2004, [ [ Journal of Animal Liberation Affairs Issue 1, 2003] ] and now includes the only academic journal to focus exclusively on animal liberation, an annual conference, and a set of sylibi and other resources to be used in college and university classrooms.


"The Animal Liberation and Philosophy Policy Journal" [ [ Animal Liberation and Philosophy Policy Journal] ] is a peer-reviewed journal which seeks to establish an academic study of animal liberation and related policy. As an interdisciplinary journal, it "was designed to build up the common activist’s knowledge of animal liberation while at the same time appealing to academic specialists to address the important topic of animal liberation, [as well as] facilitate communication between the many diverse perspectives of the animal rights movement." [ [ Animal Liberation and Policy Journal Main Page] ] Previous papers have included "Animals in Disasters: Issues for Animal Liberation Activism and Policy" by Leslie Irvine, "Transparency and Animal Research Regulation: An Australian Case Study" by Siobhan O’Sullivan, and "The Rights of Animal Persons" by David Sztybel.


Since 2002, the Center on Animal Liberation Affairs has held an annual conference, bringing together members of numerous human and animal rights and liberation movements. Of particular note is the 2003 conference at California State University, Fresno, including activists Rod Coronado, Gary Yourofsky and Craig Rosebraugh, Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and pro-liberation academics such as Rik Scarce, Bron Taylor, and Steven Best.

The 2007 conference, hosted at the University of Maine in Orono on April 7, will be titled "Bringing Human/Animal Studies into Academia: Issues and Moral Dilemmas". [ [ Center on Animal Liberation Affairs Conference Website] ]

Board members

*Dr. Stephen R. L. Clark, professor of philosophy at Liverpool University in the UK;
*Dr. Barbara Noske, research fellow at the Research Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney in Australia;
*Dr. Matthew Calarco, assistant professor of philosophy at Sweet Briar College, Virginia;
*Dr. John C. Alessio, professor of sociology at St. Cloud State University, Minnesota;
*Dr. Julie Andrzejewski, a professor at St. Cloud State University, Minnesota;
*Dr. Lauren Eastwood, assistant professor of sociology at the University of Connecticut, Storrs;
*Dr. Lisa Kemmerer, lecturer in philosophy at Montana State University, Billings;
*Dr. Maxwell Schnurer, assistant professor and debate coach at Marist College, Poughkeepsie NY;
*Dr. Charlotte Laws, author and journalist;
*Dr. Nicola Taylor, sociology lecturer, Central Queensland University, Australia. [ [ Center on Animal Liberation Affairs Board List] ]

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ee also

*Earth Liberation Front
*Green Scare

External links

* [ The Center on Animal Liberation Affairs website]
* [ Steven Best's website]
* [ Anthony Nocella's website]
* [ Stephen R.L. Clark's website]
* [ Charlotte Laws' website]

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