John Taylor

John Taylor may refer to:

Academic figures

*John Taylor (1704-1766), English classical scholar
*John Taylor (1781-1864), British publisher and Egypt scholar
*John Taylor (Oxford), Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University, 1486–1487
*John B. Taylor (born 1946), American economist
*John Edward Taylor (fl. 1847), English translator of Italian works
*John Taylor (Pitt Principal), President of University of Pittsburgh
*John G. Taylor, British physicist, neural-network researcher and author
*John C Taylor, British theoretical physicist, see List of Fellows of the Royal Society
*John Robert Taylor, American physics professor, author of "An Introduction to Error Analysis"
*John Taylor (UK e-Science architect), architect of the UK e-Science programme

The Arts


*John Taylor (bass guitarist) (born 1960), British bassist for Duran Duran
*John Taylor (composer), wrote music for "Charlie Girl"
*John Taylor (hymn writer) (1750–1826), poet and composer from Norwich, England
*John Taylor (jazz) (born 1942), English pianist
*John Taylor (Scottish fiddler), Scottish fiddler from Buckie, appeared in "So I Married an Axe Murderer"
*John C. J. Taylor (born 1951), Australian musician (bass), composer, former member of Little Heroes
*John T. Taylor, saxophonist and co-writer of "The Boy from New York City"
*Johnnie Taylor (1937–2000), American singer
*Little Johnny Taylor (1943–2002), American singer
*John Taylor, guitarist of pop-rock band, The Jonas Brothers
*Jonny Taylor, contestant in Australian Idol TV series


*John Taylor (architect) (1833–1912)
*John Taylor (documentary filmmaker) (1914–1992)
*John Taylor (poet) (1580–1654), English poet
*John Bigelow Taylor (born 1950), New York photographer
*John Edward Taylor (1791–1844), British journalist, or his son, owners of the "Manchester Guardian"
*Johnny Taylor (painter) (born 1971), American painter

Business and tradesmen

*John Taylor (Civil Engineer) (1779–1863), Engineer of the Tavistock Canal
*John Taylor (paper manufacturer) (1809–1871), a Canadian pioneer in the pulp and paper industry
*John Taylor (Taylor Ham) (1837–1909), American food inventor & entrepreneur
*John Taylor (Velocette) (fl. 1900) , founder of Veloce Ltd. motorcycle firm
*John 'Johnny' Taylor (?–1898), Krio trader killed during Sierra Leone's Hut Tax War
*John C. Taylor (inventor), inventor of controls for electric kettles and horologist

Government figures


*John Taylor (Canadian politician), councillor of Ward 3 for the city of Burlington, Ontario, Canada
*John Taylor (Dumbarton) (1857–1936), Liberal MP for Dumbarton Burghs, 1918–1922
*John Russell Taylor (Canadian politician), Canadian MP representing Vancouver-Burrard

New Zealand

*John Parkin Taylor (1812–1875), MP for Dunedin Country, Superintendent of Southland Province

United Kingdom

*John Taylor (1480-1534), British jurist & religious leader
*John Taylor, Baron Ingrow (1917–2002), British life peer and politician
*John Taylor, Baron Kilclooney (born 1937), Northern Ireland politician
*John Taylor, Baron Taylor of Holbeach (born 1943), Conservative life peer and director of Taylor's Bulbs of Spalding
*John Taylor, Baron Taylor of Warwick (born 1952), British Conservative politician
*John Taylor (West Lothian) (1902–1962), British politician, Labour MP for West Lothian, 1951–1962
*John Mark Taylor (born 1941), UK politician – Solihull
*John Wilkinson Taylor (politician) (1855–1934), British politician, Labour MP for Chester-le-Street, 1906–1919

United States of America

*John Taylor (1770-1832), American politician from South Carolina
*John Taylor (14th Congress), American politician from South Carolina
*John Taylor of Caroline (1753–1824), American politician & scholar from Virginia
*John C. Taylor (1890–1983), U.S. Representative from South Carolina
*John J. Taylor (1808–1892), American politician from New York
*John L. Taylor (1805–1870), U.S. Representative from Ohio, 1847–1855
*John Louis Taylor (1769–1829), chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court
*John May Taylor (1838–1911), U.S. Representative from Tennessee, 1883–1887
*John P. Taylor (?–1948), American District Attorney in New York, 1914–1920
*John Stansel Taylor {1871–1936) American citrus grower and politician from Florida
*John W. Taylor (politician) (1784–1854), American politician from New York
*John Wilkinson Taylor (educator) (born 1906), American educator & international administrator


*John Taylor (captain), Loyalist captain in the American Revolution, 1st New Jersey Volunteers
*John Taylor (Medal of Honor), American Civil War sailor and
*John Taylor (VC) (1822–1857), English sailor
*John P. Taylor (1827–1914), American Civil War colonel
*John Taylor (archivist) (1921–2008), American military archivist at the National Archives

Notorious figures

*John Albert Taylor (c. 1960–1996), American murderer
*John B. Taylor, American multiple murderer, convicted for the Wendy's massacre
*John Ross Taylor (c. 1910–1994), Canadian neo-Nazi leader

Religious figures

*John Taylor (1694-1761), English preacher & theologian
*John Taylor (1480-1534), British religious leader & jurist
*John Taylor (1503-1554), British religious leader, Bishop of Lincoln
*John Taylor (1752-1833), Baptist preacher in Kentucky
*John Taylor (1753–1817), Unitarian minister, Somerset, England
*John Taylor (Latter Day Saints) (1808–1887), third president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1880–1887
*John Bernard Taylor (born 1929), British priest, Bishop of St Albans, 1980–1995
*John E. Taylor (bishop) (?–1976), Roman-Catholic bishop of Stockholm, 1962–1976
*John H. Taylor (Mormon) (1875–1946), leader in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
*John M. Taylor (bishop), Scottish Episcopal Church bishop of Glasgow and Galloway, 1991–1998
*John V. Taylor (1914–2001), Anglican missionary scholar, Bishop of Winchester, 1975–1985
*John W. Taylor (Mormon) (1858–1916), member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

ports figures


*John Taylor (Australian football player), Australian football player
*Johnny Taylor (cricketer) (1895–1971), Australian dual international cricketer and rugby player

New Zealand

*John Taylor (All Black), rugby player, see List of All Blacks

United States of America

*Jack Taylor (19th century baseball player) (1873–1900), aka "Brewery Jack", American baseball player
*Jack Taylor (baseball player) (1874–1938), American baseball player
*John Taylor (athlete) (1882–1908), American runner
*John Taylor (American football player) (born 1962), American football player
*Johnny Taylor (basketball) (born 1974), American basketball player
*John I. Taylor, owner of the Boston Red Sox, 1904–1911
*Johnathan Taylor (American football player) (born 1979), American football player

United Kingdom

*Jock Taylor, née John Robert Taylor, (1954–1982), British motorcycle sidecar racer
*John Taylor (racer) (1933–1966), British racing driver
*John Taylor (rugby player) (born 1946), Welsh rugby player
*John Henry Taylor (1871–1963), British golfer
*John Taylor (footballer), ex-Cambridge United and Bradford City player
*John Taylor (goalkeeper) (born 1949), former English footballer with Chester City, Rochdale and Stockport County
*John Taylor (hurler), Laois and Portlaoise hurler

Other figures

*John Taylor (Australian television presenter)
*John Taylor (oculist) (1703–1772)
*John Taylor (pirate) (fl. 18th century), pirate
*John "Pondoro" Taylor (1904–1969), Irishman, game hunter, developer of the "Taylor KO Factor"

imilar names

*John Tayler (1742–1829), American politician from New York
*A.J.P. Taylor (1906–1990), British historian


*John Taylor Bellfounders, English manufacturing company
*John Taylor Collegiate, public high school in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

ee also

*John Taylor (given name)

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