Wiggler (tool)

Wiggler (tool)

A Wiggler, Edge-Finder, Digital Edge-Finder or Center-Finder refers to a tool used in the spindle of a machine such as a mill or drill. The device is used to accurately determine edges or markings and therefore the center of a workpiece or a previously machined feature during the set-up phase of a machining operation.

Edge Finder

A rotating tool, meaning the machine spindle must be turning for the tool to work. On one edge a cylinder shape is spring loaded, when the edge finder touches an edge a kickoff of this cylinder is noticed. On the other end a cone shape is also spring loaded and is used to locate the center of a previously drilled hole.

Electronic edge finder

Sometimes also referred as a digital edge finder, this instrument can locate edges of work pieces and also height offsets. It works in a non-rotating spindle, which is a great advantage over its mechanical counterparts. It is battery operated and works by lighting up its internal LED (usually red) when the electrical circuit formed by the instrument and the machine is closed. The light is visible through its 4 widowed openings. A repeatability of 0.0002 inches or 0.005 mm is obtained (Salazar)

Center finder

A pencil like tool used to locate markings on stock. In difference with the edge finder, the tip is not spring loaded and it works with the spindle stopped.Sometimes a magnifying glass is used to assist in marking location.

External links

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