M1, M01 or M-1 may refer to:
* M1 (economics), in economics, a measure of money supply
* M1 (construction), in construction, a structural sealant/adhesive manufactured by Chem Link, Inc. www.chemlinkinc.com
* M-1 Global, a mixed martial arts organization
* M-1 Mixfight, a mixed martial arts organization originally from Russia
* M1 (mobile communications), a symbol of MobileOne, a telecommunications company in Singapore
* M-1 (rapper), one half of hip hop duo Dead Prez
* M1 (TV channel), a channel on Hungarian television, Magyar Televízió
* M1 typewriter, the first product of Olivetti
* ATC code M01, a section of the Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification System
* BMW M1, a 1978 sports car model
* British NVC community M1, "Sphagnum auriculatum" bog pool community
* Highway M01 (Ukraine)
* Korg M1, a keyboard synthesizer
* Leica M1, a 1959 35 mm camera model
* MBF-M1 Astray, a fictional mobile unit in the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED animation series
* Miles M.1 Satyr, a 1930s British single-seat aerobatic biplane
* Minardi M01, a 1999 racing car
* Olympus M-1, a 1972 manually operated 35mm single-lens reflex camera
* WD-M01 Turn A Gundam, a fictional mecha from the anime Turn A Gundam
* YZF-M1, a motorcycle made Yamaha Motor Company
* M1, the first of five mechanics modules taken in the GCE A Level Maths or Further Maths syllabus

; shortening or designation for :
* a codename for Cyrix 6x86 processor
* an initial thickener for napalm
* a first year medical student referred to in the United States
* a non-small cell lung carcinoma staging code for "distant metastasis is present"
* a state income tax form for the U.S. state of Minnesota
* a short name for M1-DA, a video connector standard used on projectors
* the Crab Nebula, also known as Messier object M1


* M1 (primary motor cortex), a symbol of the primary motor cortex in mammals in neurology
* M1 protein, a matrix protein of the influenza virus
* Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M1, a human gene

Firearms and Military Equipment

* M1 Abrams, a tank
* M1 bayonet, as fitted to the M1 Garand
* M1 carbine
* M1 Combat Car, an early tank
* M1 Garand rifle, a battle rifle
* M1 Helmet
* M1 Mortar
* M1 Thompson submachine gun
* M1 Underwater Defense Gun, an underwater pistol
* 120 mm M1 gun, an anti-aircraft gun
* Benelli M1 Super 90, a semi-automatic shotgun
* Bristol M.1, a 1916 British monoplane fighter aircraft
* HMS M1, an early submarine and one of the few submarines equipped with a capital-calibre gun
* M115 203 mm howitzer, also known as the "8-in Howitzer M1"
* Model No. 1, a handgun from Guncrafter Industries


In highways:

* M1 (Australia), sections of the A1 Highway
* M1 (Johannesburg) a highway in South Africa
* M-1 (Michigan highway) in the United States
* M1 motorway (England)
* M1 motorway (Hungary)
* M1 motorway (Northern Ireland)
* M1 motorway (Pakistan)
* M1 motorway (Republic of Ireland)
* M1 motorway (Russia)
* Metroad 1, a road route in Sydney, Australia
* Princes Freeway M1 in Victoria, Australia

In rail transport:
* M1 (Copenhagen), part of the city's Metro system, Denmark
* M1 Line, part of the Bucharest Metro, Romania
* M1 (railcar), a series of electric multiple unit cars
* M1, the first line of Budapest Metro, Hungary
* PRR M1, a class of steam locomotive
* SP&S Class M-1, a steam locomotives class

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