Long Way to the Top

Long Way To The Top was an Australian Broadcasting Corporation "(ABC)" documentary on the history of Australian rock and roll from 1956 to the modern era. It took its name from the AC/DC song "It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)" originally released in 1975. The original series was received well for the ABC when shown in 2001cite web |author=unstated |publisher=Australian Broadcasting Corporation |date=2002-11-22 |url=http://www.abc.net.au/longway/ |title="ABC Online - Long Way To The Top" |accessdate=2008-01-17 |format=html ] : a national concert tour in 2002 followed.

Episode list

1. "Bed of a Thousand Struggles 1956-1964"

*Johnny O'Keefe
*Bee Gees
*The Atlantics
*Slim Dusty
*Judy Stone
*Col Joye
*The Thunderbirds
*Johnny Devlin
*The Deltones
*The Dee Jays
*Carolyn Young
*Betty McQuade
*Patricia Amphlett

2. "Ten Pound Rocker 1963-1968"

*The Easybeats
*The Seekers
*The Twilights
*The Masters Apprentices
*Daddy Cool
*Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs
*Col Joye
*The Mixtures
*Johnny Young
*Purple Hearts
*Normie Rowe
*The Loved Ones
* [Dinah Lee []
*In Focus

3. "Billy Killed the Fish 1968-1973"

*Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs
*The Masters Apprentices
*Russell Morris
*Ross Wilson
*Johnny Young
*John Farnham
*The Mixtures
*Wendy Saddington

4. "Berserk Warriors 1973-1981"

*Cold Chisel
*The Angels
*Rose Tattoo
*Stevie Wright
*John Paul Young
*Ted Mulry

5. "INXS to Exile 1976-1988"

*John Farnham
*Men at Work
*Split Enz
*Mental as Anything
*The Saints
*Little River Band
*Nick Cave
*Jimmy Barnes
*The Divinyls
*Hunters & Collectors
*The Go-Betweens
*Uncanny X-Men
*The Triffids

6. "Gathering of the Tribes 1984-2000"

*Midnight Oil
*Kylie Minogue
*Savage Garden
*Paul Kelly
*Beasts of Bourbon
*The Cruel Sea
*The Scientists
*Itch-E and Scratch-E
*Yothu Yindi
*Dave Graney
*Christine Anu


In 2002, promoters Michael Chugg and Kevin Jacobsen decided to build on the popularity of the show by sending a package tour of artists featured in the program on a national concert tour of Australia. Jacobsen's brother Col Joye was on the Long Way To The Top tour as well as Little Pattie, The Masters Apprentices, Stevie Wright, Daddy Cool, Normie Rowe, the Atlantics, John Paul Young,Dinah Leeand Marcia Hines. The tour proved to be successful taking receipts of $10 million with a budget of $4.5 million ["Billboard" 2002-05-10, Vol. 114 Issue 40, p20] . The ABC broadcastcite web |author=unstated |publisher=Australian Broadcasting Corporation |date=undated |url=http://www.abc.net.au/longway/concert/itv.htm |title="ABC TV - Long Way To The Top" |accessdate=2008-01-17 |format=html ] highlights of the tour on 2002-12-01 and subsequently CD & DVD packagescite web |author=unstated |publisher=Australian Broadcasting Corporation |date=undated |url=http://shop.abc.net.au/browse/promotion.asp?promoid=60 |title="ABC Shop - Long Way" |accessdate=2008-01-17 |format=html ] went on sale.

The concert tour was a unique event as that lineup had not toured together before and would not tour again. Ross Wilson said: "It was personally a buzz for me, meeting up with some of those '50s guys like Col Joye. Backstage everyone knew they were part of something momentous, because that entire lineup would never come together again. I think the audience got that vibe, too." ["Billboard" 2002-05-10, Vol. 114 Issue 40, p20] .


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