Slider (disambiguation)

A slider is a baseball pitch.

Slider may also refer to:
* Motorcycle frame slider
* "Sliders", a 1995-2000 Fox network science fiction TV series
* Slider (computing), a graphical widget in a GUI with which a user may set a value by moving an indicator
* Slider (cricket), a cricket delivery
* Slider (mascot), the Cleveland Indians' mascot
* Slider (parachuting), a part of a parachute

Slider or Slyder may also be:
* The common name for the "Trachemys" genus of water turtles
* SLIder, a person believed to be able to effect the phenomenon of Street light interference
* Slider (officially spelled Slyder), a hamburger sold by the White Castle restaurant chain
* An adjustable electronic control (usually a potentiometer) that moves in a linear fashion
* Naval slang for a cheeseburger
* Another (less used) name for the St. Louis Slinger.
* A term used to describe mobile phone form factor (e.g. slider, candybar, flip etc.)
* Slyder, an alias of dance music production duo, Jeremy Dawson and Gregori Chad Petree

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