String (Thai pop)

String (Thai pop)

Infobox Music genre
name=String (Thai pop)
stylistic_origins= American Rhythm and Blues
Surf rock
beat groups
Hollywood film scores
Country and Western
garage rock
cultural_origins=1960's Thailand
instruments= drums, bass guitar, drum machine, synthesizer, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals
popularity= Early 1960's through present
derivatives= Broad term for all popular music based on American R&B etc, though some British and American psychedelic rock acts drew on indigenous musical forms as well as rock'n'roll.
subgenrelist=Dance music
other_topics=Thai rock - Thai hip hop- Wong shadow - pleng phua cheewit (songs for life)

String is a genre of Thai music roughly equivalent to western pop. Its origins lie in American R&B, surf rock artists like The Ventures and Dick Dale, Exotica, rockabilly and country and western brought over by American and Australian Soldiers serving in Vietnam in the late 1950s and early 60's when on R&R. It also drew heavily on British invasion rock'n'roll, garage rock and Hollywood film soundtracks as well.

However, the term is extremely broad, covering rock, dance music, rap and western-influenced popular music in general. It normally excludes the folk rock pleng phua cheewit (songs for life). Prominent string artists include:
*Bird McIntyre
*Big Ass
*Joey Boy
*Lanna Commins
*Tata Young
*Impossibles, The

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