Advanced Train Control System

Advanced Train Control System, usually called ATCS, is a set of specifications designed to document the stated requirements of railroad operational and technical professionals concerning ATCS hardware and software. These specifications are designed to facilitate compatibility and standardization without limiting the internal design approaches of individual suppliers.


*ATCS Specification 110: Environmental Requirements
*ATCS Specification 130: Recommended Practices for Software Quality Assurance
*ATCS Specification 140: Recommended Practices for Safety and Systems Assurance
*ATCS Specification 153: System Logic - OBC
*ATCS Specification 154: System Logic - CDC
*ATCS Specification 155: System Logic - WIU
*ATCS Specification 156: System Logic - TFT
*ATCS Specification 160: Configuration Management Plan
*ATCS Specification 200: Communications System Architecture
*ATCS Specification 210: Mobile Communications Package
*ATCS Specification 220: Front End Processor
*ATCS Specification 225: Cluster Controller
*ATCS Specification 230: Base Communications Package
*ATCS Specification 250: Message Formats
*ATCS Specification 300: Locomotive System Architecture
*ATCS Specification 310: Locomotive Computer
*ATCS Specification 311: Predictive Enforcement Braking
*ATCS Specification 320: Locomotive Displays & Controls
*ATCS Specification 335: Transponder/Interrogator
*ATCS Specification 400: Dispatch System Architecture
*ATCS Specification 500: Field Systems Architecture
*ATCS Specification 530: Wayside Interface Unit
*ATCS Specification 600: Work Vehicle System Architecture
*ATCS Specification 610: Track Forces Terminal
*ATCS Specification 620: Work Vehicle Display and Control Unit

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* [ What is ATCS] - Background and technical data

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