FFM is a three-letter abbreviation with multiple meanings, as described below:

* Fat-free mass, the complement of body fat (that is, total mass minus fat mass)
* "Federation France Moto", the French governing body for motorcycle sport
* "female+female+male", a sort of Ménage à trois
* "Festival des Films du Monde", French for World Film Festival (WFF)
* FFM Montreal
* Five Factor Model of personality traits (psychology)
* Football Federation of Macedonia
* [http://www.fragfm.co.uk Frag FM (external link)] , an online radio station aimed at providing low latency in game entertainment to gamers in the popular Counter-Strike:Source game
* Frankfurt am Main (Ffm.), German city
* Frequent flyer miles
* Friction force microscopy
* Full face mask, used in scuba diving
* "First Floor Massive", a group of like minded people in support of Derby's rock club, [http://www.firstfloorclub.co.uk First Floor (external link)]
* Focus Follows Mouse, a policy for tracking the mouse in computer graphical user interfaces.

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