New Zealand general election, 1893

New Zealand general election, 1893
1893 general election
New Zealand
1890 ←
28 November (general) & 20 December (Māori) 1893
→ 1896

All 74 seats in the New Zealand House of Representatives
38 seats were needed for a majority
Turnout 75.3%
  First party Second party
  RichardSeddon1905.jpg No image.png
Leader Richard Seddon No Leader
Party Liberal Independent
Leader since 1893
Leader's seat Westland
Last election 40 74 seats
Seats won 51 23
Seat change increase 11 decrease 51
Popular vote N/A N/A
Percentage N/A N/A
Swing N/A N/A

Prime Minister before election

Richard Seddon

Prime Minister-designate

Richard Seddon

The New Zealand general election of 1893 was held on Tuesday, 28 November in the general electorates, and on Wednesday, 20 December in the Māori electorates to elect a total of 74 MPs to the 12th session of the New Zealand Parliament.[1] A total number of 302,997 (75.3%) voters turned out to vote.[2]

The election was won by the Liberal Party, and Richard Seddon became Prime Minister.

1893 was the year universal suffrage was granted to women over 21 (including Māori), plural registration was abolished, plural voting for Māori property-owners was abolished, and only those whose descent was exactly half Māori or less were allowed to choose whether to vote in European or Māori electorates. Women's suffrage was the most consequential change.


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