Tika and The Dissidents

TIKA and The Dissidents
Origin Jakarta, Indonesia
Genres Jazz
Cross genre
Collage pop
Years active 2006–present
Labels The Head Records
Website http://www.suaratika.com
Kartika Jahja
Susan Agiwitanto
Okky Rahman Oktavian
Iga Massardi
Past members
Luky Annash
Panji Gustiano

Tika & the Dissidents is an Indonesian band whose music includes elements from jazz, blues, tango, waltz to punk.



Jakarta-born singer Kartika Jahja first released her own solo album titled Frozen Love Songs (2005) and Defrosted Love Songs (2006) under Aksara Records. She then recruited Luky Annash (piano), Susan Agiwitanto (bass), Okky Rahman Oktavian (drums), and Panji Gustiano (guitar) to be her back up band. Along the line, the band became a significant part in the song writing process.

In 2009, they first declared themselves as Tika & the Dissidents in the Original Soundtrack album of Joko Anwar’s film "Pintu Terlarang". In the same year, the band parted ways with guitar player Panji Gustiano. A few months later they welcomed Iga Massardi as the newest member of the Dissidents.

After a two-year recording process, Tika & the Dissidents’ full length album the Headless Songstress was finally released in July 2009 under the Head Records, a record label owned by the band.

Much to the band’s surprise, the Headless Songstress received numerous praises from music fans and the media, both national and international[citation needed]. Tika & the Dissidents is said to be a breathe of fresh air in the country’s homogenous music industry[citation needed]. The pinnacle of the year, was when TEMPO magazine awarded the album as "Album of the Year 2009" and the band as "2009’s Chosen Music Figure".



  • The Headless Songstress (2009)


  • Pintu Terlarang – “Home Safe” (Original Soundtrack – Lifelike Records, 2009)


  • Kartika Jahja - Vocals
  • Susan Agiwitanto - Bass
  • Iga Massardi - Guitar
  • Okky Rahman Oktavian - Drums

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