Tiger (pornographic actor)

Born Christopher Dauenhauer[1]
March 6, 1976 (1976-03-06) (age 35)[2]
United States
Alias(es) Tiger Stripe
Height 5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Weight 200 lb (91 kg)
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blond
Ethnicity Caucasian
No. of adult films Numerous

Christopher Dauenhauer, best known as his stage names Tiger or Tiger Stripe is an American adult entertainer specializing in pornographic films.[1] He is well known to be the first and only porn star to be successful across numerous porn genres including gay, straight, transexual, strap-on, fisting, top, bottom, group, solo, interracial, oral, soft porn, hardcore porn, and many others. Tiger is slated as the most versatile porn star in the history of adult film.[3] He has a series of tattoos along his left side which resemble the stripes on a tiger. He also has had a Prince Albert piercing and has had both nipples pierced. In 2007, Tiger was in the mainstream news when hedge fund manager Seth Tobias, Tiger's long term lover, was killed apparently due to the love affair with Tiger.[4]



Tiger is a symbol in the adult entertainment industry with his tattoos. There are 18 "tiger stripe" tattoos on his left side, covering his entire left side of his body. There are 3 additional larger "tiger stripe" tattoos on his back.[2] Tiger's well-known reason for the dominant tattoo that is part of his famous career was colorful and heartwarming to a large population of fans and supporters. Tiger's first wife Michelle (1/2 Jamaican and 1/2 Irish) and his male lover Charlie (African American) all lived together in the same house. Tiger had a sexual relationship with both of them and really never had any problems with either of them. The lovers shared Tiger happily. Tiger decided to take his adult entertainment business that he built from Washington State to Las Vegas, Nevada. His lovers were happy with their jobs where they were and encouraged Tiger to explore his dreams in adult entertainment. Tiger wanted to symbolize his "perfect relationship" by getting a tattoo to remember it. He got the 18 stripes on his side to represent that he choose the adult entertainment industry and his career, which anyone in adult entertainment has to be 18 years or older to be involved in, over his "perfect relationship." Requirement of 18 years old = 18 stripes on entire left side of body. The three large stripes on his entire back represent the perfect relationship between a man, a woman, and himself in the middle. These stripes also represented a look that they were tears like he was torn in the decision to leave the "perfect relationship." The stripes also represented his appreciation for the nationality that his wife and male lover were. The stripes are black like his male lover the symbolizm of the stripes being alternating between his own skin tone and the black stripes fairly represented his wife's mixed nationality. Tiger has always been very open minded.ref name="Dad" />

His first of many sexual performances on film was for "Skateboard Sliders 2 - Slidin' In Deep" in 2000. He was featured as the lead and on the cover in the film "Tiger: Down and Dirty," from Atron Productions, "Roar Of The Tiger," from All Worlds, and many, many, more.

Tiger has a BS degree in Social Sciences and an AA degree in Arts & Science. He has continued to be in the limelight being a celebrity porn star barter at the leading gay club in Las Vegas. Tiger has since left Las Vegas after his daughter Lilly was born by his third wife Shelley. The family moved back to their home town in Washington to raise their daughter and have another child that was expected May 2009. Tiger still bartends in his celebrity porn star role at Club Paradise and has Wednesday as his own night of the week in his home town.

Tiger had been represented by adult film agent David Forest. Forest was arrested and convicted of pandering several years ago for running the "Brad's Buddies" escort agency in Los Angeles, and spent about a year in jail. He was arrested again for pandering in 2005, but was found not guilty in 2006.[5][6] In the wake of press interest following the Seth Tobias scandal, Forest officially announced that he was representing Tiger again for "personal appearances as well as print, film and internet bookings." [7] David Forest has officially sold his adult entertainment business to his competition Fabscout, which also represents Tiger. David Forest has moved to a new business venture called Forest Meetings, which is similar to Brad's Buddies and has added the representation of his stars to full frontal nude shots in mainstream movies instead.


Tiger's films include:

  • All Rise - Hung Jury 2 (Hollywood Video, 2001)
  • American Booty Part 2 (Hollywood Sales, 2000)
  • Bad Boys 1 (Regiment, 2002)
  • Black Balled 5 - Star Fucker (All Worlds Video, 2006)
  • Black Cocks in White Jocks (All Worlds Video, 2006)
  • Color Blind (Unzipped Video, 2006)
  • Fantasies Cum True (Atron Productions, 2000)
  • Lickity Split (All Worlds Video, 2001)
  • Mile Bi Club (All Worlds Video, 2002)
  • Palmer's Lust (Pacific Sun Entertainment, 2001)
  • Play Ball (All Worlds Video, 2006)
  • Roar of the Tiger (All Worlds Video, 2001)
  • Shock 1 (Mustang/Falcon Studios, 2000)
  • Shock 2 (Mustang/Falcon Studios, 2000)
  • Skateboard Sliders 2 - Slidin' in Deep (Tribal Pulse Productions, 2001)
  • Skateboard Sliders 3 - Premium Wood (Tribal Pulse Productions, 2001)
  • Straight Buddy Seductions 1 (Body Shoppe, 2005)
  • Tiger Down & Dirty (Atron, 4/01, Beau Boudreau)
  • Tiger's Temptation (Bacchus Releasing, 2003)
  • Wet Dreamer (Men of Odyssey, 2002)

List of Magazines:

Adam Gay Video XXX Showcase Vol. 9 No. 1: March 12, 2001 Indulge &035; 60 Magazine: 03/01

Involvement in Tobias death

On December 4, 2007, The New York Times reported that Tiger was Seth Tobias' fantasy and deep sexual interest. Seth Tobias was a hedge fund manager and well-known financial speaker on several cable news neworks. It was stated that Seth Tobias' wife convinced Seth to enter their pool with promises of sex with Adult Super Porn Star Tiger if he were to follow her instructions. Seth was said to have entered the pool only after his wife had poisoned him with an overdose of pain killers that she cooked into his food while they were indulged in a very heavy cocaine binge. According to the Times:

Bill Ash, a former assistant to Mr. Tobias, said he had told the police that Mrs. Tobias confessed to him that she had cajoled her husband into the water while he was on a cocaine binge with a promise of sex with Adult Super Porn Star known as Tiger.
They also secretly frequented a gay bar called Cupids in West Palm Beach, in a strip mall along a main thoroughfare. It was there, according to Mr. Ash, that Mr. Tobias first met Tiger.[4]

The Times quoted "Cupids" owner Adiel Hemingway that Mr. Tobias and his wife frequented the club and that Tobias was very interested in Tiger. Seth Tobias' fantasy started with that Cupids meeting and grew rapidly into a very strong sexual relationship they built together over many years and many meetings in big cities all over the United States. Seth Tobias' wife eventually found out about his affair and tried to kill Tiger at his home in Garden Grove, CA, which put him in a coma for 4 days in the hospital and about a year to recover from completely. Seth Tobias' wife eventually turned her jealous rage on her husband and used the verbal fantasy she played out of being with Tiger again to set up what ended in his death.

On December 8, 2007, The New York Daily News published the first public interview with Tiger since it was revealed that Seth Tobias' wife used Seth's strong sexual attraction and fantasy of his long term lover against him to plan Tobias' death. Tiger had no problem admitted to performing at Cupids between 1999 and 2002, but because of Seth Tobias' wife's attack on Tiger, he did not initially recognize Tobias after Seth gained over 20 pounds in the photograph and Tiger went through extensive therapy to get over the attack and events surrounding the attack. Tiger was in Nevada at the time of Tobias' death and had not been in contact with him or his wife recently. "This guy may have still had a strong fantasy about me," he told the Daily News. "Maybe during his drug binge, he got into the frame of mind where he actually thought that he could be with me again if he followed his wife's verbal set up fantasy. I am sure they were watching my videos and made a fantasy of being with me again.... I have been sexual with both of them and the last time I slept with Seth's wife, she almost killed me as she eventually did kill Seth in almost exactly the same way she put me into a coma and left me to die. The similarities in the cases are so closely matched and I have been very detailed with the authourities about the evidence and they have not been able to connect the dots out of pure irresponsible work ethic."[1] Seth Tobias' wife set Tiger up in a similar fantasy driven sexual encounter, which she eventually had Tiger blindfolded, handcuffed, and tied to his bed while being in the middle of a kinky sexual act with Seth Tobias' wife and one of her girl friends. Seth Tobias' wife invited men into Tiger's home when they forced large amounts of meth and cocaine down Tiger's throat in an attempt to make it look like he just overdosed by himself. The evidence of the forced drug use was too clearly similar to how they found Seth Tobias dead from a similar overdose during a kinky sex act that Seth Tobias' wife thought up and acted on. Seth Tobias' wife is now known to have acted on her jealous rage of finding out that Seth was in fact in Love with Tiger and there was nothing she could do, but kill them both. She did not know that Tiger lived through her attempted murder of him until she had already killed Seth and thought she was the only one to receive his hundreds of millions of dollars from his will as what she thought would have been the only person in the will to still be alive.

Tiger's agent, David Forest, does not know for sure if Seth Tobias left Tiger in his hundreds of million dollar will that has been held away from the view of Tiger.[1]


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