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Flag of Catalonia
Location of Catalonia

Catalonia is one of the seventeen Autonomous communities of Spain, a country located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. Catalonia is bordered to the north by France and Andorra, to the south and east by the Mediterranean Sea and to the west and south by CCAA Aragon and Comunitat Valenciana.

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to catalonia:


General reference

Geography of Catalonia

Satellite view of Catalonia
Main article: Geography of Catalonia

Environment of Catalonia

Geomorphologic map
  • Climate of Catalonia: Mediterranean, continental Mediterranean and Alpine
  • Ecology of Catalonia
    • Ecoregions in Catalonia
    • Renewable energy in Catalonia
  • Geology of Catalonia
  • Protected areas of Catalonia
    • Biosphere reserves in Catalonia
    • National parks of Catalonia
  • Wildlife of Catalonia
    • Flora of Catalonia
    • Fauna of Catalonia
      • Birds of Catalonia
      • Mammals of Catalonia

Natural geographic features of Catalonia

  • Islands of Catalonia
  • Lakes of Catalonia
  • Mountains of Catalonia
    • Volcanoes in Catalonia
  • Rivers of Catalonia
    • Waterfalls of Catalonia
  • Valleys of Catalonia
  • World Heritage Sites in Catalonia

Regions of Catalonia

Main article: Regions of Catalonia

Ecoregions of Catalonia

Main article: Ecoregions in Catalonia

Administrative divisions of Catalonia

Main article: Administrative divisions of Catalonia
  • Provinces of Catalonia
Provinces of Catalonia
Àmbits funcionals territorials
Comarques of Catalonia
Municipalities of Catalonia

Demography of Catalonia

Main article: Demographics of Catalonia

Ten most populated cities:

Government and politics of Catalonia

Main article: Government of Catalonia and Politics of Catalonia
  • Elections in Catalonia
    • Catalonian constitutional referendum, 2006
    • Catalonian parliamentary election, 1988
    • Catalonian parliamentary election, 1992
    • Catalonian parliamentary election, 1995
    • Catalonian parliamentary election, 1999
    • Catalonian parliamentary election, 2003
    • Catalonian parliamentary election, 2006
  • Political parties in Catalonia
  • Political scandals of Catalonia
  • Taxation in Catalonia

Branches of the government of Catalonia

Executive branch of the government of Catalonia

Legislative branch of the government of Catalonia

Judicial branch of the government of Catalonia

  • Tribunal Superior de Justícia de Catalunya (TSJC)

Foreign relations of Catalonia

  • Diplomatic missions in Catalonia
  • Diplomatic missions of Catalonia
  • United States-Catalonia relations

International organization membership

Main article: International organization membership of Catalonia

Catalonia is a member of: none added yet

Law and order in Catalonia

Main article: Law of Catalonia
  • Capital punishment in Catalonia
  • Constitution of Catalonia
  • Criminal justice system of Catalonia
  • Crime in Catalonia
    • Organized crime in Catalonia
  • Human rights in Catalonia
    • Freedom of the press in Catalonia
    • Freedom of religion in Catalonia
    • LGBT rights in Catalonia
  • Law enforcement in Catalonia
  • Penal system of Catalonia

Local government in Catalonia

History of Catalonia

Main article: History of Catalonia, Timeline of the history of Catalonia, and Current events of Catalonia

Culture of Catalonia

Main article: Culture of Catalonia

The Arts in Catalonia

  • Art in Catalonia
  • Cinema of Catalonia
  • Literature of Catalonia
  • Music of Catalonia
  • Television in Catalonia
  • Theatre in Catalonia

Sports in Catalonia

Main article: Sports in Catalonia

Economy of Catalonia

Main article: Economy of Catalonia
  • Agriculture in Catalonia
  • Banking in Catalonia
    • National Bank of Catalonia
  • Communications in Catalonia
  • Companies of Catalonia
  • Currency of Catalonia: Euro
  • Economic history of Catalonia
  • Energy policy of Catalonia
  • Mining in Catalonia
  • Oil industry in Catalonia
  • Tourism in Catalonia
  • Transport in Catalonia
  • Catalonia Stock Exchange

Education in Catalonia

Main article: Education in Catalonia

Infrastructure of Catalonia

  • Communications in Catalonia
    • Internet in Catalonia
  • Energy in Catalonia
  • Health care in Catalonia
  • Transportation in Catalonia
    • Airports in Catalonia
    • Rail transport in Catalonia
    • Roads in Catalonia
  • Water supply and sanitation in Catalonia

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