Movement for Reform Judaism

Movement for Reform Judaism
The Movement for Reform Judaism
Type charity
Founded 1958 (1958)
Headquarters The Sternberg Centre, Finchley, London, United Kingdom
Area served United Kingdom
Key people Sir Sigmund Sternberg, Life President
Rabbi Dr Rabbi Dr Tony Bayfield CBE, president

Movement for Reform Judaism (until June 2005, Reform Synagogues of Great Britain) is the main organizational body of the Jewish Reform community in Great Britain.

The first Reform congregations in Great Britain appeared in West London and Manchester in the mid-19th century. By 1942, when the first organizational body was formed, the number of Reform Jewish communities had increased to 6. This body, Associated British Synagogues, evolved into the more nation-focused Associated Synagogues of Great Britain, and in 1958 stabilized into Reform Synagogues of Great Britain, a name which would last until 2005.

Among the Movement for Reform Judaism's stated aims is revitalizing Jewish community involvement among British Jews, with particular focus on children, teenagers and families where one member of the couple is not halachically Jewish. Thanks to this work for the welfare and development of young people, the Movement for Reform Judaism is a member of The National Council for Voluntary Youth Services (NCVYS)[1].


  • Sir Sigmund Sternberg
    • Life President (2011-present)
    • President (1997-2011)
  • Rabbi Dr Tony Bayfield CBE
    • President (2011-present)
    • Head of The Movement (1994-2011)
  • Ben Rich
    • Chief Executive (2011-present)
  • Stephen D Moss CBE
    • Chairman (2008-present)
  • Rabbi Mark Goldsmith
    • Chair of the Assembly of Reform Rabbis UK (2011-present)
  • Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner
    • National Rabbinic Spokesperson (from 2012)


  1. ^ Full list of NCVYS members

External links

  • Jeneration is backed by the Movement for Reform Judaism and was established in 2007 to provide a place to question, explore and learn together through study, pray and travel. Jeneration also seeks out and works with Jews to support them in creating new initiatives and developing their own visions of Jewish life.
  • RSY-Netzer stands for Reform Synagogue Youth. RSY-Netzer is the youth arm affiliated to the The Movement for Reform Judaism and the worldwide Reform Zionist youth movement Netzer Olami.
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