OpenStreetMap Foundation

OpenStreetMap Foundation
OpenStreetMap Foundation
Formation 22 August 2006 (2006-08-22)
Type company limited by guarantee
Location England

The OpenStreetMap Foundation is a company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales on 22 August 2006.[1]

It is a non-profit foundation whose aim is to support and enable the development of freely-reusable geospatial data. As its name suggests, it is closely connected with the OpenStreetMap project, although its constitution does not prevent it supporting other projects.


OSMF is a membership organisation, with all members entitled to vote at a General Meeting on Foundation activities. OSMF members do not determine how OpenStreetMap itself operates, only the Foundation. Membership is open to all on payment of the membership fee of £15 per year. As of November 2009, there were 265 members.[2]

The Foundation is run by a board of seven members, including the Foundation's officers: Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.[3]


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