October 2052 lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse chart close-2052Oct08.png

A partial lunar eclipse will take place on October 8, 2052.



Lunar eclipse from moon-2052Oct08.png

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Lunar year series

Lunar eclipse series sets from 2049-2052
Ascending node   Descending node
Saros Date
Saros Date
112 2049 May 17
Lunar eclipse from moon-2049May17.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-2049May17.png
117 2049 Nov 09
Lunar eclipse from moon-2049Nov09.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-2049Nov09.png
122 2050 May 06
Lunar eclipse from moon-2050May06.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-2050May06.png
127 2050 Oct 30
Lunar eclipse from moon-2050Oct30.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-2050Oct30.png
132 2051 Apr 26
Lunar eclipse from moon-2051Apr26.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-2051Apr26.png
137 2051 Oct 19
Lunar eclipse from moon-2051Oct19.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-2051Oct19.png
142 2052 Apr 14
Lunar eclipse from moon-2052Apr14.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-2052Apr14.png
147 2052 Oct 08
Lunar eclipse from moon-2052Oct08.png
Lunar eclipse chart close-2052Oct08.png
Last set 2049 Jun 15 Last set 2048 Dec 20
Next set 2053 Aug 29 Next set 2053 Mar 04

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