Nükleer Başlıklı Kız

Nükleer Başlıklı Kız
Origin Ankara, Turkey
Genres Alternative, Indie, Pop rock
Years active 2005 – present
Labels Favela Records
Website official site
Billur Yapıcı
Tansel Tuna

Nükleer Başlıklı Kız is a Turkish band from Ankara.[1] The name means "Nuclear Headed Girl" in Turkish.

Band history

Nükleer Başlıklı Kız was formed in Ankara in 2005. Since it's formation, its had one core member, vocalist Billur Yapıcı who was joined by Tansel Tuna in 2009.[2] They reached the finals of the Nokia Supersound Contest in 2006 and won the Sony Ericsson Unistar Music Contest in 2007.[1] They play regularly on stage with bass guitarist Cem Malak, keyboardist Tolga Büyük and drummer Kuzey Yılmaz.[2]


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