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  • Jesse Bankston (1907–2010), centenarian president of Louisiana Public Broadcasting; longtime member of the Democratic State Central Committee; former confidant of Earl Kemp Long, D
  • Gary Beard (b. 1956), former member of Louisiana House of Representatives, R
  • V.J. Bella (born 1927), former state representative from St. Mary Parish and state fire marshal, based in Baton Rouge, 1990–1992 and 1996–2004, R
  • Kirt Bennett (1967–2010), businessman and politician, R
  • James H. Boyce (1922–1990), Caterpillar Company industrialist and chairman of the Louisiana Republican Party, 1972–1976, R
  • Mike Branch (b. 1968), state senator and commercial pilot, later of Las Vegas, Nevada, R
  • Jack Breaux, first Republican mayor of a Louisiana community, mayor of Zachary in East Baton Rouge Parish from 1966 until his death in 1980, R
  • Overton Brooks, former Louisiana Democratic U.S. representative from 1937–1961, representing the Shreveport district (d. 1961), D
  • H. Rap Brown, African American activist imprisoned in Georgia
  • James H. "Jim" Brown, former state senator, secretary of state, and state insurance commissioner (b. 1940), D
  • Ossie Brown, (1926–2008), former East Baton Rouge Parish district attorney, 1972–1984, D
  • Bryan Edward Bush, Jr. (1934–2010), EBR district attorney, 1985–1989; unseated Ossie Brown in 1984, R
  • Victor Bussie (b. 1919), former president of Louisiana AFL-CIO, D
  • George A. Caldwell, contractor who supervisxed the construction of twenty-six public buildings in Louisiana; imprisoned in the "Louisiana Hayride" scandals of 1939-1940, D
  • Theo Cangelosi, (1911–1992), former state representative, lawyer, banker, gubernatorial advisor, D
  • Stephen F. "Steve" Carter (born 1943), former LSU assistant athletic director, businessman, and current state representative from District 68 in Baton Rouge, R
  • Jack Christian, mayor-president from 1957–1964, D
  • Carl Crane, state representative from Baton Rouge, 1984–2008, R
  • Mike Cross, state representative, 1981–1996; mayor of Baker, 1976–1981, D
  • J.D. DeBlieux (1912–2005), state senator from East Baton Rouge Parish; perhaps the first white politician in the era of desegregation to embrace the civil rights agenda, D
  • Charles H. Dillemuth (1912–1989), real estate businessman for whom the "Charles H. Dillemuth Humanitarian of the Year Award" is named; congressional candidate in 1960, civic leader, R
  • William J. "Bill" Dodd (1909–1991), state representative, lieutenant governor, state auditor, member of Louisiana Board of Education, state education superintendent, D
  • Emmitt Douglas, president of the Louisiana NAACP from 1966 until his death in 1981, D
  • W.W. "Woody" Dumas, former mayor-president of East Baton Rouge Parish, D
  • Jack M. Dyer, former state representative (1960–1964), D
  • Heulette Fontenot, former state representative from Livingston Parish and state senator from Livingston and East Baton Rouge parishes; author of Pet Evacuation Act of 2006 R
  • Jeff Fortenberry, U.S. representative from Nebraska (b. 1960), R
  • Mike Futrell, former state representative and Metro Council member, R
  • Clark Gaudin, attorney and first Republican state representative from East Baton Rouge Parish since Reconstruction (b. 1931), R
  • Gaston Gerald (born 1931), former state senator, D
  • Ron Gomez (born 1934), former state representative from Lafayette Parish, born in Baton Rouge, D-turned-R
  • Hunter Greene (born 1966), state representative, R
  • Francis Grevemberg (1914–2008), Republican candidate for governor in 1960, R
  • T. H. Harris (1869–1942), state superintendent education, 1908–1940, D
  • Rufus D. Hayes (1913–2002), first state insurance commissioner, former East Baton Rouge Parish district attorney and judge, fromer state Democratic chairman, D
  • Kip Holden, Mayor-President of East Baton Rouge Parish (b. 1952), D
  • Louis E. "Woody" Jenkins (born 1947) former Louisiana state representative and three-time U.S. Senate candidate, D-turned-R
  • Bobby Jindal, Governor and Louisiana congressman (b. 1971), R
  • Donald Ray Kennard, Louisiana state representative from East Baton Rouge and Livingston parishes from 1976–2008, D-turned-R
  • Claude Kirkpatrick (1917–1997), member of the Louisiana House of Representatives (1952-1960] from Jefferson Davis Parish, director of Louisiana Department of Public Works (1960–1964), candidate for governor in 1963, instigator of Toledo Bend Reservoir, president of Baton Rouge General Hospital, and builder of three shopping centers in Baton Rouge, D
  • Edith Killgore Kirkpatrick (b. 1918), former member of Louisiana Board of Regents, D
  • Dan Kyle (b. 1937), former legislative auditor, R
  • Fred S. LeBlanc, mayor of Baton Rouge (1941–1944), state attorney general (1944–1948; 1952–1956), D
  • Coleman Lindsey (1892–1968), state senator, lieutenant governor, state district court judge, D
  • Elmer Litchfield (1927–2008), sheriff of East Baton Rouge Parish from 1983 to 2006, R
  • Blanche Long -- First Lady of Louisiana (1939–1940, 1948–1952, and 1956–1960), D
  • Robert M. Marionneaux (born 1968), attorney and state senator, D
  • Tom Ed McHugh, East Baton Rouge Parish Mayor-President (1989–2000) (b. 1943), R
  • Chuck McMains, former state representative and Baton Rouge lobbyist, R
  • P.J. Mills, Baton Rouge native and former state representative from Caddo Parish, D
  • Henson Moore, U.S. representative from Sixth Congressional District, 1975–1987, R
  • W. Spencer Myrick, state legislator from West Carroll Parish, later resided in Baton Rouge, D
  • Robert Fred "Bob" Odom, state agriculture commissioner, 1980–2008, D
  • Edward Grady Partin (1924–1990), Teamsters Union figure
  • Dan Richey, former state legislator and political consultant (b. 1948), R
  • Buddy Roemer, former governor and Baton Rouge businessman (b. 1943), R
  • Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council (b. 1963), R
  • Kevin P. Reilly, Sr., state representative from 1972–1988 and retired chief executive officer of Lamar Advertising Company, D
  • Sean Reilly, state representative from 1988–1996 and current chief operations officer of Lamar Advertising, D
  • Mary E. Roper, East Baton Rouge Parish Parish Attorney (2008-present) (b. 1966), First woman to hold this position in the history of East Baton Rouge, I
  • Bobby Simpson, East Baton Rouge Parish Mayor-President (2001–2004) (b. 1953), R
  • Zachary Taylor, American military leader and the twelfth President of the United States(1784–1850), W
  • David William Thomas (1876–1961), mayor of Minden from 1936–1940, taught journalism at LSU and completed his law degree there as well, D
  • Sandra Thompson, environmentalist and former director of the Atchafalaya Basin Project, R
  • David Treen, former Louisiana governor (1928–2009), was born in Baton Rouge, R
  • John S. Treen, politician, R
  • R.B. Walden (1901–1966), director of Louisiana Department Hospitals and former mayor of Winnsboro, D[1]
  • Lillian W. Walker, former state representative (1964–1972), D
  • Mack A. "Bodi" White, Jr., state representative since 2004, R
  • Aubrey W. Young (1922–2010), Drug and alcohol abuse coordinator within the Department of Health and Hospitals, 1965–1999; aide-de-camp to Governor John McKeithen, D

Military commanders



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