Northern Cyprus parliamentary election, 2003

Nationwide results

As published by the Turkish Cypriot Electoral Commission in the Official Gazette on February 22:

Party Political Oriëntation Leader % of total vote Seats +/-
Republican Turkish Party and United Forces (CTP-BG) Centre-left, Social-democratic, Progressive. Mehmet Ali Talat 35,18 19 13
National Unity Party (UBP) Rightist, Nationalist, Conservative. Dervis Eroglu 32.93 18 −6
Democratic Party (DP) Centre-right, Liberal, Conservative. Serdar Denktash 12.93 7 −6
Peace and Democracy Movement (BDH) Leftist, Socialist. Mustafa Akinci 13.14 6 −1
Nationalist Peace Party (MBP) Rightist, Nationalist. Ata Tepe 3.23 0 N/A
Solution and European Union Party (ÇABP) Leftist, Single-Issue party. 1.97 0 N/A
Cypriot Justice Party (KAP) Rightist, Nationalist. Oğuz Kalelioğlu 0.6 0 N/A

(+/-) - Difference in seats from 1998 election.


Under the Turkish Cypriot constitution, the members of the new parliament must gather to be sworn in 10 days after the results are officially published. Soon after this first session, President Rauf Denktaş had to decide whom to ask building a government. As a result he asked Mehmet Ali Talat to form the next government. Talat had 15 days to establish a coalition government. It was hard for him to build a government. The two blocs in the parliament, the "pro Annan-plan" bloc and the "status quo" bloc, each had 25 seats in parliament. The UBP refused Talat's offer to build a government together, and as a result the only way to build a government for Talat was to get the DP over to join his government. After some unsuccessful talks, the DP agreed to build a coalition with the CTP. As a result a coalition relying on a narrow majority of 26 out of 50 seats was built.