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The Avaya Aura Application Server 5300 or Avaya Aura AS5300 in telecommunication and computer networking is a secure Unified Communications (UC) system designed and manufactured by Avaya. The system provides integrated IP telephony, conferencing, voice mail and instant messaging - all centered around dynamic presence - that meets, US Department of Defense (DoD) and US federal government security and service assurance requirements. The AS5300 is used for creating, modifying, and terminating two-party (unicast) or multiparty (multicast) media streams, supporting up to 25,000 subscribers per system.[1]

The Avaya Aura AS5300 is a SIP-based session manager designed to increase productivity and collaboration by allowing users to collaborate using the appropriate tool (instant messaging, chat, voice, video, file transfer, web collaboration, etc.) all in an integrated solution. The AS5300 supports the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), Assured Services Session Initiation Protocol (AS-SIP), Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP), Session Description protocol (SDP) Security Descriptions for Media Streams (SDESC),[2] Transport Layer Security (TLS), Nortel encrypted UNIStim, Multilevel precedence and preemption (MLPP) and ANSI PRI Multilevel precedence and preemption (MLPP) T1.619a.

The AS5300 encrypts both the voice conversation and the signaling setup to create a secure voice over IP (VoIP) environment.


AS5300 Compatibility

The AS5300 can connect with the following systems to support digital, analog, and other phone technologies during migration to Voice over Internet Protocol.

AS5300 History

  • Release 2.0 of the AS5300 became commercially available in August 2010.

IP Phones & Video Phones Compatibility

The Avaya Aura AS5300 supports both hard and soft Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) clients.

1140E IP Phone
1120E/1120SA IP Phone
IP Video Phone 1535

AS 5300 Security Capabilities

  • AS5300 SIP session signaling is secured with TLS.
  • Mutual authentication of SIP endpoint and session server is ensured with TLS Handshake protocol.
  • Confidentiality and integrity of SIP message payloads are accomplished via the TLS Record protocol
  • Media payload is secured with SRTP (RFC 3711)using the following ciphers:
    • AES_CM_128_HMAC_SHA1_80
    • AES_CM_128_HMAC_SHA1_32
    • F8_128_HMAC_SHA1_80
  • Security descriptions for media streams (RFC 4568)
  • AS5300 is PKI compatible and supports X.509 certificates
  • Certificate management system including importing, key generation, verification (RFC 3280) and certificate revocation
  • Security administrator role
  • HTTP interfaces secured with TLS
  • System administration interfaces for Network Element and Subscriber and Provisioning are GR-815 compliant, including password complexity, mandatory change default password, password aging and failed authentication lockout
  • Anti-virus support
  • Access control list
  • File system integrity tool

Unique Government & Military Features

  • IPv6
  • Encrypted SIP
  • Secure SIP Collaboration
  • Secure SIP Conferencing
  • Secure encrypted IM
  • Media and Signaling Encryption
  • Multi-Level Precedence and Pre-emption (MLPP) or Executive barge-in
  • The AS5300 is Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certified.[13]

To comply with the NSA Suite B requirements and to integrate pre-approved FIPS 140-2 validated modules into the AS5300 uses Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), and Security Builder GSE technology from Certicom now acquired by RIM enabling security and encryption requirements that meet the DoD and other government requirements for classified communications and unclassified but sensitive communications. [14] [15] [16] The Application Server 5300 (AS5300) is both Multi-Function Soft Switch (MFSS) and Local Session Controller (LSC) capability within the Department of Defense Unified Capabilities Architecture.

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