Noci Pictures Entertainment

Noci Pictures Entertainment
Type Private
Industry Motion picture
Founded 2000
Founder(s) Yuri Rutman
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois, United States
Key people Yuri Rutman
(Founder and CEO)
Victor Sagalovsky
(President and COO)
Owner(s) Yuri Rutman (majority)

Noci Pictures Entertainment is an American film production company, that bridges High-net-worth_individuals, private equity, & venture capital with film finance as an alternative investment. The company is also involved with the creation and production of reality television



Yuri Rutman founded Noci Pictures Entertainment after raising a Series A round of venture capital from a Silicon Valley private equity investor.[1] . It was one of the first companies to minimize film finance investing risk by leveraging IRS Section 181 as well as structuring its film investment vehicles like an uncorrelated Market_neutral hedge fund. [2]. The Company is one of a few film finance companies that allows smaller retail investors to participate and invest in film, media & entertainment compared to traditional film funds that usually limit their investment capital to institutional investors. [3]

The Company's first film, "Mr. Id", is currently available as a Video On Demand title online as well as available at "Mr. Id"'s cast included Ami Dolenz, Steve Parlevecchio, and Rutman and the trailer can be viewed at Metacafe

The Company is in pre-production on "Milwaukee", which will be directed by David R. Ellis ("The Final Destination", "Snakes On A Plane", "Cellular") and is being co-produced by Canada's Minds Eye Entertainment; the Paris set action thriller "Vanished", "The Violinist", "Layers", and various 3D Cinema projects.

The Company recently executive produced "Sledger" the first 3D film to be shot in Jamaica telling the story of Bob Marley's cousins, who was one of the original Wailers.

Divisions and ventures

In 2011, the company announced the creation of Noci Television to focus on developing television productions. The company is represented by Geoff Silverman at Rain Management Group and has announced the production of "Warsaw, Chicago" as a coventure with the Idea Factory's Darryl Silver ("Survivor", "The Apprentice", "God Or The Girl", "Big Medicine", "Half Pint Brawlers") and the reality tv version of FLOORED! based on the hit documentary film. [4]


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