Nişancı Ahmed Pasha

Nişancı Ahmed Pasha (? - 1753), also called Şehla Ahmed Pasha, was an Ottoman Grand Vizier during the reign of Mahmud I.[1]


Early life

His family was from Alaiye (now Alanya in Antalya Province, Turkey). But he was born in Söke (in Aydın Province , Turkey) to Cafer. One of his uncles was a vizier. He found a job in the Ottoman palace. He was appointed as the chief stableman (Turkish: imrahor). In 1738 he was promoted to be the governor of Aydın Province. In 1742 he returned to İstanbul, the capital. He was appointed as the nisanci (one of the highest bureaucratic posts). But soon he was promoted to be the grand vizier on 22 June 1740.

As Grand Vizier

His term in the office was one of the short periods of peace, for the war against Austrian Empire and Russian Empire had just ended and Nader Shah of Persia was occupied in Transoxiana and Daghestan. But Ahmed Pasha was unable to benefit from the favorable conditions to follow a program of recovery and reformation. Besides he was accused of dishonesty and insouciance to state affairs. He was dismissed from the post on 23 April 1742.

Later years

He was exiled to Rhodos island (in modern Greece) . But then he returned to government services. In 1743 he became the governor of İçel (modern Mersin Province, Turkey) and then governor of Sidon (in modern Lebanon). After the beginning of the new phase of the war against Persia, he was tasked with commanding (Turkish: serdar) the northern portion of the front where he successfully defended Kars (in modern Turkey). He then worked as the governor of Aleppo (in modern Syria) and Diyarbakır (in modern Turkey).

After the treaty of Kerden he was appointed as the governor of Baghdad (in modern Iraq) in 1747 as the governor of Egypt in 1748 and in the governor of Adana (in modern Turkey) in 1750. But Ahmed Pasha refused this new position. In 1752, he returned to his former seat in Aleppo where he died in February 1753.[2]

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Preceded by
İvaz Mehmed Pasha
Grand Vizier
22 June 1740 – 23 April 1742
Succeeded by
Hekimoğlu Ali Pasha

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