Nitida and Nitidus are forms of the Latin for "bright, shining, sleek, blooming, smart" and may refer to:


  • Nitida saga, A 14th century Icelandic medieval poem
  • Anisophyllea nitida, a species of plant in the Anisophylleaceae family
  • Avicennia nitida, a species of mangrove tree commonly known as black mangrove
  • Axinaea nitida, a species of plant in the Melastomataceae family
  • Celosia nitida (or Celosia texana) is commonly known as West Indian Cockscomb
  • Coelogyne nitida, a species of orchid in the Coelogyne genus
  • Cotinis nitida, a beetle of the family of the dung beetles, the Scarabaeidae
  • Lithodora nitida, a species of plant in the Boraginaceae family
  • Mantoida nitida, a species of praying mantis in the Mantoididae Family
  • Melanochyla nitida, a species of plant in the Anacardiaceae family
  • Neomacounia nitida, an extinct moss that was found only in a small area of Ontario
  • Nothofagus nitida, an evergreen tree, native from Chile
  • Ogasawarana nitida, a species of land snail, a terrestrial gastropod mollusk in the family Helicinidae
  • Passiflora nitida, a passion flower found in America
  • Pavoraja nitida (Peacock skate) is a species of fish in Rajidae family
  • Segmentina nitida, a species of small, air-breathing, freshwater snail in the family Planorbidae
  • Soletellina nitida, or the shining sunset shell, is a bivalve mollusc of the family Psammobiidae
  • Uropeltis nitida, a non-venomous shield tail snake species found in southern India


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