Niketa Thopia

Niketa Thopia (? - 1415) was an Albanian lord member of Thopia family. After the death of Karl Topia, he ruled in the region south of Durrës. In 1403, Niketa Thopia managed to capture the city of Krujë from his cousin, Helena Thopia, thus gaining another part of the territory previously held by the Thopia family.[1]

He had good relations with the Republic of Venice, which was interested in having some buffer zone between them and the advancing Ottoman army. However, in 1412, Niketa Thopia suffered a heavy defeat from the forces of Teodor II Muzaka. He himself was held prisoner and with the intervention of the Ragusan Republic was released, but only after conceding some territories around the Shkumbin river to the Muzaka family. Upon his death in 1415, the castle of Krujë felt in Ottomans' hands.[1]


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