The Dilbert Future

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The Dilbert Future (1997) is a book published by Scott Adams as a satire of humanity that breaks the net motivations of humanity down into stupidity, selfishness, and "horniness", and presents various ideas for profiting from human nature. The final chapter invites the reader to ponder upon several open ended questions, such as the nature of gravity and the utility of affirmations, which are further addressed in God’s Debris.

Adams makes several "predictions" throughout the book intended for humorous effect.

  • "There will be two types of people: Superstars and perspiration wipers. Those who are neither will be managers"
  • "In the Future, the value of your job will decrease, thanks to the godforsaken hellhole of North Dakota".
  • The book anticipates a fictional food item (which Adam references as the Dilberito) which is explained as a food source containing 100% of a human's daily nutritional requirements (the point being that otherwise an individual needs a supercomputer and a team of scientists to determine dietary needs.)

Scott Adams did publish in issue 15 of his Dilbert Newsletter (sent to all members of Dogbert's New Ruling Class) an excerpt from this book with permission for it to be re-published (if kept with the copyright text).[1]

Adams introduced the word confusopoly in this book. The word is a portmanteau of confusion and monopoly (or rather oligopoly), defining it as "a group of companies with similar products who intentionally confuse customers instead of competing on price". Examples of industries in which confusopolies exist (according to Adams) include telephone service, insurance, mortgage loans, banking, and financial services. Adams also explains his belief that positive affirmations can influence external events, claiming that this has worked for him in the past.


  • Scott Adams, The Dilbert Future, Published by HarperCollins June 1, 1997, ISBN 0-7522-1161-7

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