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Panjgur District

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nazim = Asad Ullah Baloch
naib_nazim = Muhammad Saleem
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languages = Balochi
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region = Balochistan

Panjgur ( _ur. پنجگور) is a district in the west of Balochistan province of Pakistan. Panjgur is also known as Rakhshan. Until 1 July, 1977 Panjgur was one of the three tehsils of Makran District, on the date with the creation of Makran Division Panjur became one of its districts.

Some of the towns that are within Panjgur District are Tasp, Washbood, Gramkhan, Kudabadan, Surdoo, Chitkan, Taroffice, Sarikoran, Bunistan, Ihrap, Sarekalat, Isaai and Surdhoo. Taroffice is the main town of Panjgur, where most of the offices are situated. Land settlement was initiated in 1992 as a preparation to the construction of Mirani Dam, but to date only four wards have been finalised in the whole district. Panjgur is famous for production of dates, and the quality is more delicious than other areas of province. The people here are very sensitive to their customs. They have great tradition that are unique in Pakistan. Gawadar is also in its vicinity. There are lots of natural resources available, but due to Mengal Sardars, people are kept in doom and ignorance. The literacy rate is very low. If people avoid concentrating on bad politics of their sardars, this region can develop very quickly.

All kinds of Iranian products are smuggled into Pakistan through this path, including oil, plastic goods and food products which are available at nominal costs compared to other parts of Baluchistan. The majority of non-Muslims are "Zikris". The vast orchards of date palm produces a unique picturesque. The weather conditions are very challenging. In a few days one can get damaged skin due to dry weather.The worth seeing tradition is their marriages, which are so delightful that one craves more and more experience as a quest. These people are very soft but their politics has put chains on the wheels of economic and social conditions. These people live a very low standard of life, but manage to enjoy it with great harmony and cooperation.

In Panjgur there are 6 high schools, 40 primary schools for girls, 8 primary schools for boys, 18 middle schools in which 3 schools are for girls, 1 teacher training school and one inter college. In Panjgur there is also an historical castle of Nawab Faran. From inside the country and also outside from the country people come to see this historical castle.


The district is administratively subdivided into two tehsils which contain a total of 16 Union Councils: [ [http://www.nrb.gov.pk/lg_election/union.asp?district=86&dn=Panjgur Tehsils & Unions in the District of Panjgur - Government of Pakistan] ]


The population of Panjgur district is about 380,001. Over 99% of the people of the area are Muslims. Balochi is spoken in Panjgur as a local language. A couple of years ago the majority of the population earned their living by agricultural activities which mainly revolved around date gardens, but nowadays most of the people earn their living by running shops and doing other types of business. Some of the young students earn a small amount of income by teaching in tuition centres and a few people are government employees. English as a second language is widely taught in tuition centres.


There are many small rivers in Panjgur but the main rivers of Panjgur are Rakshan and Niwan. An interesting fact is that every town of Panjgur is separated by small river (Gramkan and Khudabadan are separated by river Niwan).


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