The Moment of Truth (The Real Milli Vanilli album)

The Moment of Truth
Studio album by The Real Milli Vanilli
Released 1991
Recorded 1990
Genre Dance, Pop
Label Hansa Records, BMG
Producer Frank Farian
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The Remix Album
The Moment of Truth
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The Moment of Truth is the only studio album by the pop group The Real Milli Vanilli, released in 1991. It is also considered the second album by the controversial group Milli Vanilli.



The album includes the original singers from the first album, but with the actual singers on the cover instead of Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan. Charles Shaw lost the ability to record for this Milli Vanilli album after being paid for silence regarding his involvement with the first Milli Vanilli album.

The Moment of Truth spawned three singles, "Keep on Running", "Nice'N'Easy" and "Too Late (True Love)". In addition, the album features rappers Icy Bro on "Hard as Hell" and Tammy T on "Too Late (True Love)". A Diane Warren-penned song, "When I Die", has been covered by several other artists, including Farian's No Mercy.

A potential source of confusion is the title: the spine for the album indicates that it is titled Keep on Running, but the cover and CD say The Moment of Truth.

There was no U.S. release. Some of the songs from this album were re-recorded with Ray Horton on lead vocals and retitled Try 'N' B, which did see a U.S. release (see below).

"When I Die" appears on soundtrack of the brazilian Soap Opera "Lua Cheia de Amor" in 1991 and received airplay in the radio stations on Brazil.

Track listing

  1. "Keep on Running" (F. Farian-F. Reuter/Ch. Kindt) – 4:06
  2. "Tell Me Where It Hurts" (D. Warren) – 4:05
  3. "Crazy Cane" (M .Wonder/K. Saka/L. Slater-C. Calloway) – 3:55
  4. "When I Die" (F. Farian/D. Kawohl-P. Bischof-Fallenstein/D. Warren) – 4:00
  5. "Body Slam" (F. Farian/M. Wonder/K. Saka/R. Battle) – 2:22
  6. "Nice 'n' Easy" (F. Farian/P.G. Wylder-R. Rayen/D. Warren) – 3:40
  7. "Hard as Hell" (F. Farian-K. Saka-L. Slater/D. Warren) – 3:58
  8. "In My Life" (C. Liebermann/J. Pescetto/R. Burgess) – 3:50
  9. "Too Late (True Love)" (M. Wonder/K. Saka/T. Coogler-B. Pettaway/K. Adeyemo/G. Phillips) – 3:45
  10. "The End of Good Times" (F. Farian/P.G. Wylder/M. Applegate) – 3:45
  11. "I'll Be Loving You" (M. + B. Sutton) – 3:30
  12. "Big Brother" (D. Fekaris/N. Zeres) – 3:58


  • John Davis — vocals, backing vocals
  • Brad Howell — vocals
  • Gina Mohammed — vocals
  • Ray Horton — vocals
  • Joan Faulkner — backing vocals
  • Linda Rocco — backing vocals
  • Jodie Rocco-Hafner — backing vocals
  • Frank Farian — backing vocals
  • Franco Dittman — backing vocals
  • P.G. Wylder — keyboards, arrangements, programming
  • Marc Dalton — guitars
  • Peter Welhe — guitars
  • Mike Wonder — programming
  • Kerim Saka — programming
  • Tobias Freund — programming, engineering
  • Mel Collins — saxophone
  • Dino Solera — horns
  • Felice Civitareale — horns
  • Claus Reichstaller — horns
  • Curt Cress — drums
  • Bernd Berwan — engineering
  • Helmut Rulofs — engineering
  • Michael Bestmann — engineering
  • Norbert G. Yanicke — engineering
  • Milli-Ingrid Segieth — production coordinator
  • Frank Farian — producer

Alternate release: Try 'N' B

Try 'N' B
Studio album by Try 'N' B
Released 1992
Recorded 1990
Genre Dance, pop
Label RCA
Producer Frank Farian

In 1992, RCA signed on to release the album as the debut of the newly created group Try 'N' B. The self-titled album release Try 'N' B contained 10 songs, including 7 of the original songs of The Moment of Truth. Most of these tracks were rerecorded. There were also three additional tracks not found on The Real Milli Vanilli release. These new songs were:

  • "Ding Dong"
  • "Who Do You Love"
  • "Sexy Eyes", a remake of Dr. Hook's song.

Because of significantly better sales under the name Try 'N' B in America, a slightly modified Try 'N' B debut album was also released internationally.

Track listing

  1. "Tell Me Where It Hurts" (Try 'n' B, Warren, Diane) – 4:09
  2. "Keep on Running" (Try 'n' B, Farian, Frank) – 5:13
  3. "Ding Dong" (Try 'n' B, Saka, D.) – 3:48
  4. "When I Die" (Try 'n' B, Bischof, Peter) – 4:21
  5. "Body Slam (Try 'n' B, Battle, R.) – 3:23
  6. "Sexy Eyes" (Try 'n' B, Mather, R.J.) – 4:04
  7. "In My Life" (Try 'n' B, Burgess, R.) – 4:07
  8. "The End of Good Times" (Try 'n' B, Applegate, M.) – 4:18
  9. "Nice 'n' Easy" (Try 'n' B, Farian, Frank) – 4:08
  10. "Who Do You Love" (Try 'n' B, Davis, J.) – 5:22


  • Frank Farian for MCI – producer
  • Recorded and mixed at Farian Studios/Far Studios
  • P.G. Wylder – keyboards
  • Marc Dalton, Peter Weihe – guitar
  • P.G. Wylder, M. Wonder, K. Saha – arrangements
  • P.G. Wylder, Mike Wonder, Kerim Saka, Tobias Freund – programming
  • Mel Collins – saxophone
  • Dino Solera, Felice Civitareale, Claus Reichstaller – horns
  • Tobias Freund, Bernd Berwanger, Todd Canedy, Helmut Rulofs, Michael Bestmann, Norbert G. *Yanicke – engineering
  • Milli-Ingrid Segieth – production coordination
  • Mike Schraft – photos
  • Jacqueline Murphy – logo design
  • Mike Wonder and Kerim Saka – special thanks for support

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