New Jersey Institute of Technology Vector

Vector Logo 2008.jpg
Type weekly newspaper
Format 11x17 tabloid
Founded 1924 [1]
Headquarters 150 Bleeker Street
Newark, NJ 07102 [2]
Owner New Jersey Institute of Technology [3]
Editor in Chief Melissa Silberstang

The NJIT Vector is the student newspaper of the New Jersey Institute of Technology. It is entirely student-run and independent from the university. It has an estimated circulation of 3,000 [4] from on-campus distribution and a readership of approximately 9,000 [5].



The Vector is known for its tradition of publishing on April Fool's Day a parody newspaper, renamed the Scalar, which features fake news articles and satirical opinion pieces.

In February 2007, the Executive Editor was forced to resign due to printing inaccurate information.[6] Afterwards, a system was established by which the Executive Board would receive scholarships.[7]


The Vector is separated into four sections: News, Opinion, Entertainment, and Sports. [8]


The Vector News focuses almost entirely on campus events and campus news.


The Vector Opinion is usually limited to two pages at the most, though it is occasionally extended to more. The first page contains opinion pieces, a staff editorial, and an on-campus-opinion survey featuring pictures of students and their responses to a question. Columns are usually written by the staff, but other students and faculty members contribute as well.


The Vector Entertainment section contains reviews of local restaurants, new movies, and video games. It always includes a Crossword puzzle and four Sudoku puzzles, a Poetry Corner, a "This Day in History" section, and weekly horoscopes.


With NJIT's Division I status, Vector Sports focuses on various teams. This section is located on the backmost page.


The Vector's offices are housed at the Campus Center at 150 Bleeker Street, Newark, NJ. The paper's staff consists entirely of NJIT students. The Executive Board includes the Editor-in-Chief, Executive Editor, Business Manager, and Managing Editor. [9] The Executive Board positions are given scholarships which cover part of their tuition. [10] The Senior Staff is made up of the Copy Editor, Sports Editor, Office Manager, and Photo Editor. As of 2009, there are about 17 staff writers.


The Vector won the Honor Rating of First Class from the Associated Collegiate Press in 1989-1990. The Vector is a current member of the Associated Collegiate Press.[11]

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