Neva Shoal

A bathymetric chart of the Neva shoal
A satellite image of the Neva shoal
A "coral garden"

The Neva shoal is a major coral reef system of 979 in the area of Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.[1] Lisianski Island lies in the northwestern part of the shoal. The shoal is shallow and makes access to the island difficult.

The shoal was named after the Russian warship Neva, an exploratory ship which ran aground on Lisianski Island in 1805, which in its turn was named after the Neva River.

The reefs of the shoals are called "coral gardens" by some due to their variety of coral species and shapes of their colonies. Reef fish are abundant, including predators.[1]


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Coordinates: 26°01′00″N 173°55′59″W / 26.0167°N 173.933°W / 26.0167; -173.933

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