Nila Devi

Nila Devi or Neela Devi is the third consort of Lord Vishnu, the other two being Sri Devi and Bhu Devi. In Paramapadam (Sri Vaikuntham) Sri Devi is seated to the right of the Lord, and Bhu Devi and Nila Devi to His left. The Veda sings the glory of Goddess Nila in Nila Suktam.


What Bhu Devi is to Varahavatara and Sri Devi (Sita) to Ramavatara, is Nila Devi to Krishnavatara. Nila took avatar as Nappinnai (the Tamil name for Radha?) and Krishna won Her hand after conquering the seven ferocious bulls of Her father. Sri Parasara Bhattar describes Krishna, intoxicated by Her beauty, as "Nila thunga sthana giri thati suptham".

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