The Undertones (Notre Dame a cappella)

The Undertones are an all-male a cappella singing group formed at the University of Notre Dame in 1996.



The Undertones are a subset of the Notre Dame Glee Club[1], and select their members from the Glee Club each spring. The Undertones have performed throughout Europe, Latin America, Asia, and in almost every state in the Union. In Summer 2010 the Undertones embarked on a national tour, touring from South Bend to California and back, and most recently, in January 2011, traveled on a New Years' tour through Colorado.[2] The group is student-directed and arranges their own music. They perform on the University of Notre Dame campus throughout the academic year. In addition to their annual Christmas and spring concerts in Washington Hall, The Undertones perform after each home football game in the Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore on campus.

Awards and appearances

The Undertones placed FIRST in the Midwest quarterfinal region of BOCA in 2000, and second in the semifinals [3]

The Undertones were selected for the Best of College A Cappella 2K album [4]

The Undertones performed recently at the 2008 CAFE (Coolest A Cappella Festival Ever)[5]

The Undertones held their first-ever reunion concert in February 2009 in front of nearly 1,000 fans.[6]

Over the past several years, the Undertones have released five albums, with a total discography of 8 albums. In that time span, they have also traveled across Texas, Florida & the Gulf Coast, California, New England, and made countless trips to Chicago and other parts of the Midwest. In Summer 2010 the Undertones embarked on a tour to the West Coast, with concerts in St. Louis, MO; Hobbs, NM; Poway, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Vail, Colorado and Fort Dodge, IA. In January 2011 the Undertones traveled to Colorado to perform in Denver, Colorado Springs, Vail and Beaver Creek, CO, returning to Denver to perform a joint concert with the University of Denver's Idiosingcrasies, DU's premier coed a cappella group, on the University of Denver campus. [7]

Current members (2011-2012)

Members of the Undertones for 2011-2012 are as follows:[8]

George Barry Campion, second tenor ('12)
Mikey Clark, baritone/first tenor ('12)
Hal Melia, baritone ('12)
Tim Schumer, bass/vocal percussion ('12)
Mitch Speer, second tenor ('12)
Peter Baxter, baritone, President ('13)
Dante Garcia, baritone ('13)
John Kemnetz, baritone ('13)
Michael Possin, bass/vocal percussion, Music Director ('13)
Andrew Cloetingh, second tenor ('14)
Alex Leslie, baritone ('14)
Billy Raseman, second tenor ('14)


Album Title Year Released
8 Degrees & Rising 1998
For Your Eyes Only 1999
The End of the Beginning 2000
Standing Room Only 2002
Overworked, Underpaid 2005
Stranded 2007
Best of the Undertones: 1997-2007 2008
12 Items or Less 2008
Under the MistleTones coming December 2011

Alumni ventures

Founding member Patrick Dupré Quigley ('00) has established himself as a leader in the classical music arena, winning the 2004 Robert Shaw Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts and Chorus America. He is now the artistic director of Seraphic Fire & Firebird Chamber Orchestra in South Florida.[9]

Original members Keith Cosbey ('00), Justin Gagnon ('00), and Ryan Mariotti ('00) formed Choicelunch, a health-conscious and environmentally friendly school lunch provider based in California.[10]

Stephen Smith ('01) helped jumpstart Gameday Housing, a company that rents out homes in the South Bend area to be used on Notre Dame football weekends.[11]

Tom Schreck ('05) founded Nashville Outsider Music in 2008, a growing production company through which he released his critically acclaimed debut album, Outsider.[12]


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