Nanping school massacre

Nanping school massacre
Nanping City Experimental Elementary School stabbings

Nanping's location (in orange) in Fujian Province
Location Nanping, People's Republic of China
Date 23 March 2010
7:20 am – (UTC+8)
Attack type Stabbing
Death(s) 8
Injured 5
Perpetrator(s) Zheng Minsheng

The Nanping school massacre (福建南平校园惨案) occurred at Nanping City Experimental Elementary School in the city of Nanping, Fujian Province, People's Republic of China, in which a man used a knife to kill eight children and seriously wound five others.[1] The incident occurred on March 23, 2010, around 7:20 am local time (UTC+8 ).[2] It was the first of the 2010 Chinese school attacks.


Incident and casualties

The children were attacked outside the gates by a man as they were arriving for school at 7:20 am local time (UTC+8 ).[3] (Before the attacks, it was the school's practice to keep the gates shut until school began at 7:30 am)[4] The perpetrator was subdued on the scene by three adults.[5] Of the eight fatalities, six died at the scene and the other two later in hospital.[6] The deceased were four boys and four girls.[7]

The school, which has around 2,000 students,[8] closed for the day on March 23 before reopening the following day.[9]


Zheng Minsheng

Zheng Minsheng (April 30, 1968[10] – April 28, 2010) who had previously worked as a community doctor, was arrested.[11] The Associated Press reported that, according to a Nanping city government office who refused to be named, Zheng had a history of mental health issues.[12] He later told police investigating the crime that he thought "life was meaningless",[7] and confessed to the crime.[13] Zheng was charged with intentional homicide by the province's procuratorate.[14]

At the trial, police stated that Zheng had no history of mental illness, contradicting earlier reports. Zheng said that he performed the attack after being turned down by a girl and suffering "unfair treatment" from the girl's wealthy family. He was found guilty and sentenced to death on April 8, 2010.[15] Zheng Minsheng was executed by shooting on the April 28, 2010. [16]

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