NEC Corporation of America

NEC Corporation of America
Type Subsidiary
Industry Electronics, information technology, telecommunications
Founded 2006
Headquarters Irving, Texas, United States[1]
Area served United States
Parent NEC Corporation
Subsidiaries NEC Laboratories America
NEC Financial Services
Website NEC Corporation of America

NEC Corporation of America is the principal subsidiary of the multinational IT company NEC in the United States.

NEC Corporation of America was formed on 1 July 2006, from the combined operations of NEC America, NEC Solutions America and NEC USA.[2]



Nippon Electric New York (later NEC America Inc.) was incorporated in 1963.[3]

In October 1986 NEC formed a joint venture with Honeywell, HNSX Supercomputers, to sell NEC's supercomputers in the United States and Canada.[4]

NEC established a research lab in South Brunswick, Princeton, New Jersey in 1988.[5][6] In October 1989 Honeywell agreed to sell its share in HNSX Supercomputers to NEC.[4] NEC Laboratories was created in November 2002 through the merger of NEC Research Institute and NEC USA's Computer and Communications Research Laboratory.[7] NEC Corporation of America was formed on 1 July 2006 from the combined operations of NEC America, NEC Solutions America and NEC USA.[2]

NEC Laboratories succeeded in sending over 100 terabits of information per second through a single optical fibre in April 2011, establishing a new world record.[8]


Subsidiaries of NEC Corporation of America include:[9]

  • NEC Laboratories America (NEC Labs) - a research facility based in Princeton, NJ focused on technology research and early market validation.
  • NEC Financial Services, LLC. - a company which offers financing services supporting the sale of products and solutions to businesses in the United States.

Products and services

NEC Corporation of America's products and services include:[10]

  • automated fingerprint identification systems
  • carrier professional services
  • document solutions equipment
  • enterprise communications equipment
  • enterprise content management
  • openflow networking equipment
  • identity management
  • leasing and financial services
  • microwave radio equipment
  • optical networking equipment
  • performance analytics
  • retail applications
  • servers
  • software
  • storage equipment


In April 1997 HNSX Supercomputers and Fujitsu were jointly found guilty of dumping by bidding below cost in order to sell a supercomputer to the National Center for Atmospheric Research.[11] In September 1997 the United States International Trade Commission found that Cray Research had been financially injured by the pricing practices of HNSX Supercomputers and Fujitsu.[12]

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