Network Caller ID

NCID is a client/server network Caller ID package.

NCID consists of a server called ncidd, a universal client called ncid, various client output modules, two SIP gateways, and a YAC gateway. The server, ncidd, monitors either a modem, device or gateway for the CID data. The data is collected and sent, via TCP, to one or more connected clients. The server supports multiple gateways which can be used with or without a modem or device.

NCID supports messages. Clients can send a one line message to all connected clients.

The client, ncid, normally displays the Caller ID data and the Server Caller ID log in a GUI window. The client output can be changed with output modules. One module can speak the CID, another can send the CID to a pager or cell phone. There are other output modules, including ones that display the CID on a TiVo or MythTV.

The SIP gateways obtain the Caller ID information from a VOIP system, using SIP Invite.

The YAC gateway obtains the Caller ID information from a YAC server.

NCID can output to LCD displays using a client called LCDncid.

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