Infobox Album | Name = Waxed
Type = Album
Artist = Bigbang

Released = 1995, 2002
Recorded =
Genre = Rock and roll
Length = 38:17
Label = Grandsport Records, Warner Music
Producer =
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This album = "Waxed"
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"Waxed" is the debut album of the Norwegian Rock and roll band Bigbang. It was first released in 1995 then reissued in 2002 by Warner Music.


"Elle Vogue" is an instrumental bonus ghost track only included in the album's reedition from Greni's own Grandsport Records indie label to the Universal Norway major. As a matter of fact, "Down There Again" is clocked 14:30 in the year 2002 release. "Elle Vogue" is dedicated to fashion magazines (such as "ELLE" and "Vogue") that expose women that ordinary men cannot afford, according to Øystein Greni's own statements.

Track listing

# "Bus Ride" – 4:04
# "Limo Driver" – 3:38
# "The Man" – 2:38
# "Little Cloud" – 3:48
# "Two O'Clock" – 4:06
# "Tennis Club" – 4:06
# "Marvin Dale" – 2:36
# "Rules Understood" – 2:44
# "Situations" – 4:30
# "Usually" – 3:17
# "Down There Again" – 2:50
# "Elle Vogue" (bonus track) – 2:00


*Øystein Greni - Lead vocals, guitars
*Erik Tresselt - Bass, vocals
*Christer Engen - drums, vocals
*Iver Olav Erstad - Organ (on Tennis Club)

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