Mykhaylyk Andriy

Mykhaylyk Andriy
Andriy Mykhaylyk

Mykhaylyk Andriy,(Михайлик Андрій Костянтинович ) born in Kiev on 6 April 1957 – journalist, author, cameraman of many documentary films and projects, publicist.



Was born on 6 April 1957 in Kiev, at the time in the Ukrainian SSR of the Soviet Union (in present-day Ukraine), in an officer’s family. He received a degree as engineer at Kiev Polytechnic Institute.

At the age of 30 he became a journalist. Before that he had been serving as First Sergeant, working as Metalworker, Design Engineer, Sport Tourism Instructor, Builder, and Manager at the consulting association, Ministry’s Employee.

He began to publish his works in 1991 and started his professional activity as author of TV reports, programmes and films. With time he began to work as a cameraman and a director. Worked at Eco-Ukraine Association (Editor-in-Chief of TV programme “Zelena studia”), Chornobylinform Agency (author and presenter of TV programme “Nadzvychaina sytuatsia”), and Directorate of TV programmes of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Editor-in-Chief).

In February 2001 as a member of Ukrainian Mobile Hospital he took part in liquidation of earthquake consequences in Indian state of Gujarat. (Was a reporter, cameramen, photographer and rescuer at the same time).

In November–December 2004 he was a head of the creative teamwork making efficient shooting of events, in epicentre of which was Ukrainian Parliament. (Daily Permanent Reports ”No comments” at the Parliament’s TV channel ”RADA”, film ”Episodes of Parliamentary Chronicle”).

Over a long period of time he was dealing with questions of overcoming the consequences of Chernobyl catastrophe. Special attention being paid to history and use of Chernobyl Shelter (film”The Den for a nuclear beast” etc.)


  • Award of the Ministry of Ukraine of Emergencies and Affairs of Population Protection from the Consequences of Chernobyl Catastrophe “For courage in Emergencies” II degree, 2001;
  • Diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 2005;
  • Laureate of the Fifth International Festival of Screen Arts “Kinotur”, nomination”Rescue Service”, film “Knights of Mountains”, 2007;
  • Laureate of Parliamentary Journalism Contest, 2002.

TV projects

  • Foundation of the Centre for Public Ecological TV, 1996
  • ”Region” - TV company NART, 1998
  • ”ABC safety”, Agency ”Chornobylinterinform”, 2000–2002
  • ”Objective”, Parliamentary TV Channel RADA, 2006–2007
  • “Diplomacy World”, Parliamentary TV Channel RADA, 2007–2008
  • “That’s the way it is”, 2008–2009


Andriy Mykhaylyk and Alexander Yudkovich in the Chernobyl Disaster Zone

”Dum spiro spero. Carpathian Mountains – green lungs of Europe”, 1997;

“Paradise on the Northern coast. Black Sea Biosphere Reserve”, ”Blue Eyes of Volyn region”, "Granite", 1998;

”Kaniv Natural Reserve”, 1999;

“Demonstration Solar Systems”, 2000;

”Busy February 2001. Letters from India”, ”The Den for a nuclear beast”, ”Dnipro notes of Chernobyl lessons”, 2001;

“Origins of Independence. Breath of fire from Kholodnyi Yar”, “Association of taxpayers of Ukraine”, ”To prevent, in order not to rescue”, ”Disaster won’t catch them suddenly”, ”Examined, no mines”, ”Trainings have been successful”, 2002;

“Where the river Uzh starts”, 1996–2003; ”Blue Whirlpool of Carpathian Mountains”, 1997–2003;

”Roads of Anatolii Rakhanskyi”, 2003;

“Gold of the Silver Land” (problem questions of Zakarpattia’s forestry), ”Saki - a city of Sun”, ”Episodes of Parliamentary Chronicle”, 2004;

”From maidan to maidan”, ”19 years of Chernobyl disaster”, 2005;

”Week end, Zakarpattia style”, ”Chernobyl Spring 2006”, ”Where whisper of mountains sounds as an echo in soul”, ”The Syvash Rubicon”, «Bukovyna Dimension”, 2006; On the Coast of the Ocean of Future. Malaysia”, ”Ancient Forests in the Centre of Europe”, ”Slavutych - my native town”, 2007;

“Knights of Mountains”, 2007;

"Carpathian, First National”, 2008;

"Chalet for Horthy", "Sheep, my sheep" (2009)

Cycles”Monologues”: ”Maecenas”, ”Molfar (Carpathian sorcerer)”, ”Painter”, ”Rescue”, 2007–2008, ”Guardian of the Future”, 2009, "Senior", 2010 “That’s the way it is”, part 1(reasons and consequences of flood in Carpathian region), 2008.


  • A. Mykhailyk. «School of teaching and learning». Interview with Vasyl Kremen
  • A. Mykhailyk. Mountain ecological balance — an important factor in prevention of emergency situations.
  • A. Mykhailyk. A Balkan journey.
  • A. Mykhailyk. That one, who is seating in ”sarkofag”: [Problems of”Ukryttia 2" Unit] // Magazine”Nadzvychaina sytuatsia” - 2002 - № 12.
  • A. Mykhailyk. Exclusion Zone // Weekly newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets in UKRAINE” - 2010 - № 17.
  • A. Mykhailyk. Fears of insurance medicine // Weekly newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets in UKRAINE” - 2010 - № 25.
  • A. Mykhailyk. Sheep, my sheep… // Weekly newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets in UKRAINE” - 2010 - № 33.
  • A. Mykhailyk. Other majority // Weekly newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets in UKRAINE” - 2010 - № 35.
  • YouTube - Amykhaylyk's Channel 2009


  • Magazine ”Nadzvychaina sytuatsia” 11 (121), November 2007, On film festival ”Kinotur” we have been the best!
  • State Youth Library of Ukraine
  • Anatolii Matvyienko: "Confidence – that’s what we are in great need of.”
  • Email Andrew Mikhailik

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