Gianluca Attanasio

Gianluca (John) Attanasio (born July 12, 1979) is a singer-songwriter, composer, record producer, screenwriter, film director, photographer and journalist.

Specializing in modern piano and composition at "Laboratorio musicale Walter Savelli" in Florence, Attanasio has released several cd albums beginning in 1989. These albums were published by several labels, including Italian "Aliante/Time music" label(Sergio Cammariere), Warner/Chappell Music and EMI music. During the following years he wrote music for dance television and short films, starting international collaborations with artist as Mike Applebaum(Zucchero), Geoff Westley(Lucio Battisti, Riccardo Cocciante, Bee Gees), Renato Serio(Renato Zero), Susanne Hahn, Roberto Guarino(Samuele Bersani, Loredana Bertè), Kathleen Hagen(Mario Biondi), Walter Savelli(Claudio Baglioni). In theatre he has worked with poets and directors as Ennio Coltorti, Francesco Giuffrè [1], Daniele Scattina, Gianluca Ramazzotti, Beppe Costa[2]. In 1998, with other Italian musicians, he opened Claudio Baglioni's concert in Olimpic Stadium of Rome. In 2005 Gianluca created and carried on a musical project "Harmonia" with Aldo and Roberto Gemma brothers and French actress Martin Brochard as a singer.

In 2007 Gianluca is winner of prestigious "Fondi La Pastora" theatre -Award (XXXIIIth edition) received in Rome. Best music for "AK-47", piece by Daniele Scattina and Claudio De Santis. "Last song" is his first short drama film, written by him and Katheen Hagen. From his latest works we remember the Cd Soul of the ocean, containing 24 soundtracks and My first secret, a solo piano CD containing "Serenata dal cuore", song composed on the occasion of His Holiness Pope John Paul II’s birthday, and performed in front of His Holiness himself in the Sala Nervi (Vatican City). This pièce was played by the Alessandria Classical Orchestra conducted by Mr. Renato Serio. He worked for the Italian National tabloid and magazines as "Il Tempo", "Il Giornale", "Rocktar", "Metal Shock" specializing in music and teatre criticism.



  • 1994: In fondo al blu (Warner/Chappell)
  • 1997: In questo universo (Aliante/Time music)
  • 1998: Balla con me (Aliante/Time music)
  • 2005: La vie continue. Martine Brochard as singer
  • 1999: Stasera sono spento (Aliante/Time music)
  • 2007 Soul of the ocean (Soundtracks) [3]
  • 2007: My first secret (piano solo album) [4]
  • 2010: "Sorry" (Rossodisera/EMI MUSIC) produced by Raffaele Festa Campanile Carmen Serra as singer [5]
  • 2010: "Scusa" (Italian version, Rossodisera/ EMI MUSIC) produced by Raffaele Festa Campanile Carmen Serra as Singer
  • 2010 "Colors of life", single
  • 2010 "Automne", single
  • 2010 "Time's memory"
  • 2010 "Last song. Sofia's promise"

Theatre and film director

  • 2003: "Posteggio o non posteggio, per i soldi è un gran magheggio". Teatro petrolini in Rome [6]
  • 2007: "La casa di nuvole, luoghi immaginari ma possibili. Forse una favola". Attanasio as composer, actor and pianist. [7]
  • 2010: "Last song: Sofia's promise" with Goffredo Maria Bruno [8], Riccardo Mei [9], Glenda Canino.
  • 2011: "Anche i cani hanno un'anima" video-interview with Franca Valeri
  • 2011: "One day I'll be happy". Short movie

Music for Theatre

  • 2003: Romeo and Juliet by Daniele Scattina
  • 2006: AK-47 by Daniele Scattina [10]
  • 2009: La neve era sporca, directed by Daniele Scattina
  • 2009: Napoleone e… il generale by Soisiz Moreau, directed by Gianluca Ramazzotti and Mauro Mandolini
  • 2009: 2012- L’attesa by Goffredo Maria Bruno
  • 2009: "2.24" by Pascual Carbonell & Jerónimo Cornelles
  • 2009: "Un’ora senza televisione" written by Jame Salom and directed by Gianluca Ramazzotti. With Patrizia Pellegrino and Ennio Coltorti
  • 2009: "Un lungo applauso", written and directed by Mauro Mandolini [11]
  • 2010: Crime and Punishment written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and directed by Francesco Giuffrè
  • 2011: Crime and Punishment written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and directed by Francesco Giuffrè
  • 2011: "Ritratto di Sartre da giovane". Music adaptation
  • 2011: "Tornerò prima di mezzanotte", written by Peter Colley. Directed by Gianluca Ramazzotti, with Gianluca Ramazzotti, Miriam Mesturino, Roberto Mantovani, Daniela Scarlatti. Teatro Erba, Turin.
  • 2011: "2.24" written by Pascual Carbonell & Jerónimo Cornelles. Directed by Gianluca Ramazzotti, with Mauro Mandolini, Veruska Rossi, Elisa d'Eusanio. Teatro dell'Orologio, Rome.

Music for Dance

  • 2003: "Romeo e Giulietta". Choreography by Andrea Cagnetti. Teatro Vascello and Teatro Greco in Rome.
  • 2004: "Serenate from the heart". Choreography by Andrea Cagnetti. Vatican City [12]
  • 2004: "Il walzer della vita". Choreography by Andrea Cagnetti (Rome)
  • 2004: "Paisaje interno". Choreography by Paula Rosolen. Teatro Greco in Rome
  • 2004: "Skean Deep". Choreography by Andrea Cagnetti. Teatro Don Luigi Orione in Rome
  • 2004: "Merry Christmas Peter Pan". Choreography by Arsmovendi. Gran Teatro in Rome
  • 2006: "Colora una vita". Choreography by Arsmevendi. Teatro Greco in Rome [13]

Film music

Television spot

  • 2011 "Cantina Todini", MEDIASET NETWORK with the actress Patrizia Pellegrino

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