MyBuilder is a UK based, independent, online marketplace that connects homeowners with builders and tradesmen.[1]

Using MyBuilder is free for homeowners,[2] but builders are charged when they secure work through the website.[3] MyBuilder aims to solve the common problem of where and how to find a good builder, while simultaneously dispelling negative misconceptions about tradespeople.[4] The site facilitates the hiring process by providing resources and tools for communication[5], and a feedback platform[6] to reinforce accountability. Tradesmen are reviewed by homeowners who have hired them through the site. Homeowners are able to review feedback and profiles for local builders before they hire.[7] The company was rated by Startups 100 as one of most innovative businesses in the UK for 2010, coming in the top ten on the list.[8] In August 2011 MyBuilder made the shortlist of the Future 50 awards. [9]

MyBuilder is an online marketplace that brings together consumers, builders and tradesmen, offering an open and transparent platform that promotes and supports high-quality work. It's a model that has inspired other businesses to help bring service providers closer to customers. [10] Working on a principle of accountability through feedback, tradesmen are rated on their workmanship by those who hire them, making it easier to find high quality builders and for builders to find good quality jobs.

MyBuilder has been active in assisting victims of the UK riots in August 2011 by working closely with its tradesmen who volunteered free assistance. [11] Over 300 tradesmen volunteered to get involved with at least half a day of free labour.[12]



The company was founded by US born Ryan Notz, who thought of the idea while working in Bristol as a stonemason.[13]

  • The Buildersite Limited was founded in October 2004.
  • launched in the UK in February 2006.
  • The website was relaunched and rebranded as in May 2008

Partners & Funding

MyBuilder won the Seedcamp competition in 2007,[14] and was rewarded with seed funding and support from a host of angel investors[15], including TAG (Robin & Saul Klein), Paul Birch, Jamie Murray Wells, Sean Park, Alex Hoye and others.[16]

As a part of the Seed investment, Travis Perkins Group became a stakeholder in 2008, inviting MyBuilder in as a partner to their network of builders merchants and retail stores, including Wickes and Tile Giant.[17]

The Channel 4 investment fund, 4iP, pledged investment in 2009.[18]


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